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AFDC Coalition February 2017

February 10, 2017


I want my friends to understand that “staying out of politics” or being “sick of politics” is PRIVILEGE in action.

Your privilege allows you to live a non-political existence. Your wealth, your race, your abilities, your religion, or your gender allows you to live a life in which you likely will not be a target of bigotry, attacks, deportation, or genocide. You don’t want to get political, you don’t want to fight because your life and safety are not at stake.

It is hard and exhausting to bring up issues of oppression (aka “get political”). The fighting is tiring. I get it. Self-care is essential. But if you find politics annoying and you just want everyone to be nice, please know that people are literally fighting for their lives and safety. You might not see it, but that’s what privilege does.

I also want to say to my friends who are new to this, my friends who have recently become more vocal, my friends who’ve seen the damage POTUS has done so far, my friends who went to The Women’s March — I am proud of you for getting involved. Don’t stop there. Keep having these discussions, keep talking about politics, stay active.

And when you read the critiques of The March from other progressive women who didn’t feel represented, don’t get defensive or discouraged.

Activism needs critique. We need to ask ourselves where we were as Flint’s water has been poisoned, or where we were when Philando Castile was killed, or John Crawford or Eric Garner. If the women who showed up at the march showed up when people of color were murdered, it would stop.

Intersectionality means showing up even when the issues don’t affect us directly. Stay awake and stay active. We need you so much right now.

– Kristen Tea
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AFDC Legislative Committee: 2017 Legislation

AFDC Supported/Opposed






712  775 7300  126862#  call in # and code

Chaer  Elizabeth  Nan Joel Jack  Aubrey   Bridget  9-5 chris sb —-, brittany intern  9-5,  aubrey  – 1159  cclp  chaer  sb  118  –  reuben metro carering  – twitter feed  – nan   cathy heard rare to lose sleep   D.C.  troubles her Bonnie Diehardt  new hip   horn  – retired  ed metro carering   realtors out of the house in 2 months  –  lauren harvey  child ,  welfare  –   jessie  –  micro complex  participants  poverty violence recuperating  –  john danderund   billing  –  hunger free  3;30  keeping  executive orders  regarding snaps  immigration  rights  

ANUNCIOS:  wellness fair in Aurora  for families  Feb 25  10 to 1  in Commerce CIty in the County  Fair Grounds  

family day resource fair

Cathleen Mullen  access


February 28  Scottish Rights Temple 7 am Women’s Legislative Breakfast

JOEL will be director of public policy  as of March

Kate was hired by Bell Policy Institute

present:  Joel  Hungry Free Colorado and me n the phone

Legislative Committee  

Federal Updates  –   Sen Bennett  –  routine  90% goes on  National Skills  –  representative Polis    senator Gardner  and Bennett  work force allison Toll   unrelated to training and what they are planning to do.  


up or down  vote   never used in 25  years  –  STATES’ RIGHTS   POTENTIAL LAW SUIT  worker protection plan to limit foreign involvement in this country  –  

DENVER TANF work force services to TANF recipients  –  employment and training services  –  Legislative committee   –  JULIE FRANK  –  not getting services  –  REZ CARE   contract out to a private for profit work force system.  some separate contracts exist with Mi Casa  –  more efficient advantage of the scale  learning modules on line  –  Dynamic Solutions is for children and older youth  –  TANF was rolled out over WORK FORCE  –  who oversees  work force Colorado work force council  local work force region state staff person    staff state workforce development council  state on corrected action  –  more people with a vested interest would be more effective  –  take her up on this  proposition    smaller group   general statement  –  urban peak  Denver Housing Authority  residents  –   


WELFARE REFORM BOARD  Tammy Mulligan       is on this committee


state  aid to needy and disabled program Katie Griego  –   Danielle Dunaway   senior program AND impact low-income populations  will be deeply significant  –  Kady Morrison  works for Danielle Dunaway  –  Rich Mauro  DRCOG  –   I feel that aides should be more engaged in the opportunities of AFDC  –  invite  Director of US  –  Veterans Administration  Daniels Veterans Center  Department of Labor  –  Rick Garcia  Regional Director   –  sergio   Lupita   –      something    else   

OUTREACH  county representatives  –  State Officials  –  Community Based Organizations  –  

AFDC Legislative Committee: 2017 Legislation

AFDC Supported/Opposed

Bill # Sponsor(s) Title AFDC Recommended


HB-1001 Rep. Buckner (D); Sen. Kerr (D) Employee Leave Attend Child’s Academic Activities +yes
HB-1002 Rep. Pettersen (D), Rep. Exum (D); Sen. Kefalas (D) Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit Extension +yes sign on the fact sheet
HB-1021 Rep. Danielson (D) Wage Theft Transparency Act (+)yes
HB-1035 Rep. Jackson (D) Sex Assault And Stalking Victims May Break Leases +
HB-1042 Rep. Wilson (R) Increasing Funding For Full-day Kindergarten (+)yes
HB-1116 Rep. Exum (D), Rep. Hamner (D); Sen. Martinez Humenik (R) Continue Low-income Household Energy Assistance (+)yes indefinitely
HB-1126 Rep. Danielson (D); Sen. Crowder (R) Medicaid Appeal Review Legal Notice Requirements +
HB-1129 Rep. Danielson (D); Sen. Crowder (R) Technical Issues Filing Medicaid Appeals +
HB-1134 Rep. Williams (R); Sen. Marble (R) Hold Colorado Government Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdictions (-)no way  
SB-003 Rep. Neville (R); Sen. Smallwood (R) Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange
SB-004 Rep. Wist (R); Sen. Tate (R) Access To Providers For Medicaid Recipients (-)
SB-021 Rep. Singer (D); Sen. Martinez Humenik Assistance To Released Mentally Ill Offenders (+)yes
SB-022 Sen. Donovan (D) Rural Economic Advancement Of Colorado Towns (+)non cash support – yes
SB-055 Rep. Everett (R); Sen. Neville (R) Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation (-)
SB-091 Rep. Ginal (D); Sen. Crowder (R), Sen. Moreno (D) Allow Medicaid Home Health Services In Community (+)yes
SB-098 Rep. Ginal (D); Sen. Kefalas (D) Mobile Home Parks (+)yes –  30 day notice
SB-110 Sen. Kefala (D), Sen. Crowder (R) Accessibility Of Exempt Family Child Care (+)yes –  afford housing
SB-118 Rep. Weissman (D); Sen. Fields (D) Information On Private Occupational Schools (+)yes
SB-121 Rep. Landgraf (R), Rep. Danielson (D); Sen. Lundberg (R), Sen. Crowder (R) Improve Medicaid Client Correspondence (+)yes


Dead Bills

Bill # Sponsor(s) Title AFDC Recommended


SB-029 Rep. Pettersen (D); Sen. Kerr (D) Funding for Full-Day Kindergarten (+)

Direct questions to Aubrey Hasvold at

1134  county jurisdictions  sanctuary  restrictions          OPPOSED
draft  2,500 fine  

medicaid assistance  correspondence   on the hook for those costs out of pocket rural areas there would be issues  written agreement with provider   –  out of network  

MEDICAID – recipients where they can go for treatment?   oppose

private discrimination  right to work bill can’t discriminate against a person who decides who does not want to be a part of a union   SB 55  OPPOSED

testify   we can  picking out a few    house bill      1001  –  1002 – 1035 –   1116    

which organizations are supporting these bills?

housing navigators  families survivors

Monitored Bills

Bill # Sponsor(s) Title AFDC Recommended


HB-1007 Rep. Garnett (D); Sen Gardner (R) Tax Benefit Employer Collegeinvest Contribution M
HB-1015 Rep. Hooton (D); Sen. Cooke (R) Clarify Good Time Sentence Reductions In Jails M
HB-1018 Rep. Liston (R), Rep. Mitsch Bush (D); Sen. Garnder (R) Extend Voter Approval Window For RTA Regional Transportation Authority Mill Levy M


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