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February 16, 2017
Her Humanity  Gone Cold-  a chosen guarded silence replete with loss of sense and willingness to crave being left behind left out forgotten
Train Whistle hurtling down the trash chute   she hurled them down the track like a whisper of smoke  a thread that ran through the night  or incalculable pain and grief
she ran through the hallways screaming like the lone whistle of the train   barreling through a tunnel of endless doubt that he would never come again never come inside  never enter into a relationship with anyone with honeycombed smiles and sense of what awaits at the end on the other side of the tunnel   –  a lonely lilt of the whistle howled in her ear – drove her down old gaping toothed through the night that no one would alight – shrugged off as being life  –  there was no point in being smug about deaf ringing in her ears – of the sound of fury that rose with each day –  plunged into an endless fleeting sound of being let down let go betrayed
howl he ached to feel her sadness – sense her numbing of fertile furrows that had been sown – left without being hoed
we cannot ask forgiveness from the place we have come to know    there is nothing left to hold
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