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February employment sub-committee DRH

February 17, 2017

February Employment Sub-committee DRH

February 17, 2017 | 9:30 AM -11:30 AM
Mi Casa Resource Center
360 Acoma St., Gymnasium
Denver, CO 80223
Main number: 303.539.5600, if need
Parking is limited in the back and street parking is either metered or time limited. Please look at
signs posted.
9:30 am
Welcome by Ken Arellano and Keegan Kuhlman
9:45 am
DHRES Update and Changes, Ken Arellano and Keegan Kuhlman
10:05 am
Mi Casa Resource Center, Javier Banuelos  ANNE  VOLYKER, Outreach Coordinator
10:25 am
Enterprise Holding,   Nicole Shulman, Recruiter
10:45 am
Cross  Purpose/Upstream Impact, Jeff Hahl, Recruitment Director  2012  empiezo
neighborhoods with –   out poverty  2021  their ambition  –    LAURA esta 
aqui tambien   drug testing       sexual  offenders violent    full disclosure required
no BAN THE BOX  –  trauma   blue line the person   long long age did they perpetrate a crime  –  felon friendly   no you are NOT  –  THC       0 tolerants  medical cards for medical
motivated      have to prove that you want  people    15 to 55  years of age  need GED or diploma de escuela secondaria    –  stable housing  required –  legally citizen
11:05 am
Housing Subcommittee Meeting update then Announcements
then networking or HIRE Denver/Subcommittee meetings
Jill and Julian  animals  pets  mostly  
survey  public restrooms  angela  pilot  during 1 year past
Mr SOLIVAN  and I are supposed to meet
they’re just about done with the business of this reunion
ANGIE NELSON  DRH  subcommittee source  no anuncios
Rachel Lewis  Mile High Workshop  contract  employment
BUDS WAREHOUSE   merger took place thrift store rehiring  in Aurora
 Jacob Vejill    
Jan Silversteen
Melondy Deen  Gathering Place
Katie Craft  work life partnerships
Michelle Bueno Denver Works  network March 15  
Marlene Aguilar  SNAPS  
Tracey Montero  Community reentry
Dan Katzenberger  – justice criminal  1 4 pm at St. Francis Center
Jeff Hall
Laura Bebbe
Bill Gurrelwack  from Connecticut
Jamie Rosenberry   – Open Door Ministries
Dan Reeber  Ticket to Work
Rita Caldwell Family Tree
Anne Austin Ticket to Walk  SSDi
Shelby   Denver Urban Matters
Rachel  Community College of Denver  construction opportunities 
construction career  Conference MARCH  22?
Alfonso SWUAZO  Vocational division  
Tom Samaritan  HOUSE  culinary  program
Sherry WILSON   teaching at Warren Village  REBELS PROJECT  mass shooting survivors she is one of those who have survived
360  will be demolished  moved to new site  ALAMEDA and Federal  Blvd  1 block west of Alameda and Federal   2 levels of affordable housing available  LA GRAZA DEL SOL
NEW FORMAT: Please bring flyers, program information or events that you would like to share
with the group as there will be table in the rear.
  • Next DRHES meeting is April 21
location TBD. Information will be sent out at the beginning of the
  • SAVE THE DATE: HIRE Denver meetings March 17
  • th
  • from 9:30 – 11:30am at
  • the Blair Caldwell Library, 2401 Welton St., Denver, CO 80205
Ken Arellano, Subcommittee Chair –
Keegan Kuhlman, Co-Chair –
Tammy Bellofatto, Boots to Work funds contact –
Angela Nelson, Denver’s Road Home Liaison –
Jessica Cassarino, Chair –

Keegan   speaking  ni Ken ni Tammy SSCC  ?

ANNE  VOLYKER  Mi Casa  proposito  1976 empiezo

  •  when I stupidly wed  June 19

negocios  – juventud  – empleo  tres programas de Mi CASA

Hire Denver  proposito  mes proxima    (Toward Justice)  wage theft  employment  Lindsey Fallon   representing   Civil rights for employees  Mellany Deem  Gathering Place  EZZY  CIRC  Colorado Immigrant Rights C






networking  end of this  HIRE DENVER

Keegan Kuhlmann <>

Feb 10 (7 days ago)
to Kenneth, angela.nelson


Please see the attached agenda for next week’s meeting that will be hosted at Mi Casa, 360 Acoma Street. Please don’t forgot to bring any program/announcement flyers that you have for the group.


Time: 9:30am

Address: 360 Acoma Street, we will be meeting in the gymnasium.

Parking: There is limited parking in Mi Casa’s parking lot and be aware of two hour street parking signs.

Community Organizations Presenting: Mi Casa and Cross Purpose/Upstream Impact

Hiring Organization Presenting: Enterprise Holding


If you will not be able to make it, please let me know and I will be sure to get you the meeting notes.


Have a great weekend!


Keegan Kuhlmann


Colavria Hospitality

1127 E 16th Ave

Denver, CO 80218


Direct ‘ 303-656-4090

303.421.3600 |7 303.388.1712 |

* |:


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