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2 COMPETE SKILLS – February, 2017

February 23, 2017

SKILLS 2 COMPETE  February 2017


Chaer Robert <>
to: Aaron Moore <>,
Abigail Hull – CDLE <>,
Adam Nettleton <>,
Adam Nettleton <>,
“Aguilar, Noemi” <>,
“” <>,
Alison Friedman <>,
“” <>,
Andrea Stiles Pullas <>,
Ashley Shaw <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Brian Wilhelm <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Cedric Lindsay <>,
Chaer Robert <>,
“” <>,
Charlene Shelton <>,
Christina Postolowski <>,
“” <>,
Claire Levy <>,
Cody Belzley <>,
Daniel Zeitlin <>,
David Ortiz <>,
“Davis, Megan” <>,
Dawn Howard <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Eric Mergens <>,
Erica Skolasinski <>,
“Gallegos – CDHS, Jon” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Jenna Leventoff <>,
Jesse Jensen <>,
Jessie Hawthorn <>,
“” <>,
Jesus Loayza <>,
“” <>,
“Jirous, Jennifer” <>,
Jodi Stacey <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Julie Kuklinski <>,
Karen Stran <>,
Katie Hester <>,
“” <>,
Kelly Folks <>,
Kesi Relyea <>,
“” <>,
“King – CDHS, Steven” <>,
“” <>,
Kristopher Grant <>,
Laura Gabbay <>,
Laura Ware <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Lee Wheeler-Berliner <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“Liu, Michelle” <>,
Lorena Zimmer <>,
Luis Duarte <>,
Luke straka <>,
“” <>,
M Barry <>,
“” <>,
Margaret Kirkpatrick <>,
Mary Russell <>,
“” <>,
Michael Smith <>,
Michelle Bueno <>,
Michelle Medina <>,
Michelle Webster <>,
Molly Bashay <>,
Monica Guardiola <>,
Paula Schriefer <>,
“” <>,
“Petti, Anne” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Renee Ferrufino <>,
“” <>,
Rory O’sullivan <>,
“” <>,
“Rudy, Maureen” <>,
Sarah Steffes <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Senator Fields <>,
“” <>,
Sheri Michael <>,
“” <>,
Stephanie Donner <>,
“” <>,
Stephen Moore <>,
“” <>,
Tim Gaudette <>,
Tracey Stewart <>,
“” <>,
“” <>

11:30 – 1:00.

789 Sherman St

A light lunch will be available for those who attend in person.




Free parking may be available across the street in the Yellow lot. Enter from 8th Ave between Grant and Sherman. Or there may be metered parking along Sherman. There are new angled on street parking slots along 7th Ave between Lincoln and Grant.


Call in number:  712-775-7300  126862#



Introductions and Announcements……………………………………………………………All

going around Laura Ware  CCLP  Chris Grant  Laurie Harvey  leaving next year,  March 28, 2018  35th ANNIVERSARY of CEWEE, Karen Strand BRYAN  CCDC,  Frank Waterous,  Paula Schaffer  Spring Institute  –  February 28  Denver Public Library  settling in the vicinity,  like  people without a place to rest.  Adult Learning Center Adams County, February   Colorado Women’s Breakfast,  next week  Scottish Rites Center in the basement

2017 National Skills Conference………………………………………………………………..Laruie Harvey, Paula Schriefer, Karen Stran, Frank Waterous, Chaer Robert

positive when you are there in D.C>  adult Education  not being targeted  –  all of the training will be in 

Frank’s blog on the conference

Chaer, Paula, Laurie, Karen and Sarah –went to the national conference on Skills 2 Compete

Just as a quick heads-up, we’ve posted a short “key takeaway” piece that I wrote about the Skills Summit. It’s on the Bell’s website at It was a real pleasure sharing the experience with you all. Thanks, and best wishes!




Link to Conference Materials and Fact sheets on TANF, Higher Ed Act, Perkins-CTE, Apprenticeship, Infrastructure workforce development, Upskilling:

Private Occupational Schools…………………………………………Committee members

  The unfortunate demise of our SB17-118…………………………..thanks to Frank Waterous, Christina Postolowski, Allison Friedman , and Dave Ortiz who testified.

Senator Bennett  –  Health and Education

Cory Gardner  – workforce and labor Sydney Jacob with a dog  ETCH BIDEN neame  underground RAIL  pleasant positive    representative Polis  –  usually meet with constituents  –  Claire Levy  outlying offices call the offices far and wee


Workforce and Skills Legislation at the Capitol


The following bills in the 2017 Colorado General Assembly focus on some issues related to skills training for Colorado workers.




Senate Bill 17-118 Senator Fields (D) and Representative Weissman (D)

Information on Private Occupational Schools  

The bill increases consumer information about private occupational schools at two points:

  1.  Disclosure prior to signing of the enrollment contract

A private occupational school is already required to provide some information to students regarding cost and length of programs.  This bill adds

  • Program completion rates
  • Transfer rates, if known
  • Employment rates
  • Median salary
  • Typical student loan debt information if school participates is federal student loan program
  1.   An online, free comparative tool to use when researching options

Ideally this information would be on the same website as other choices such as public institutions, apprenticeships, etc. The Colorado Department of Higher Education is currently building out such a website:

This bill would add all private occupational schools, as compared to just those seeking Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act or other federal funding. Available information would include:

  • Costs
  • Completion and program credential attainment rates
  • Aggregate employment and earnings information of former students
  • Student Loan debt information

Killed in Senate State Affairs




House Bill 17-1164 Representative Everett ® and Senators Neville T ® & Marble (R) –Higher Ed Review Degree Program Costs and Outcomes – Would require the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to conduct a costs and benefits and outcomes analysis of all programs of Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. Purpose is to identify which have the best outcomes for the costs. House Education.


House Bill 17-1180  Representatives Winter (D) and Lawrence ® and Senators Tim Neville ® and Kerr (D) Tuition Assistance for Certificate Programs.  The bill would amend the previously passed legislation to fund certificate programs ineligible for Pell because they are too short. The bill clarifies that “tuition” includes tuition fees and course materials.House Education.




Senate Bill 17-022 Senator Donovan (D)- Rural Economic Advancement of Colorado Towns

Establishes $500,000/yr fund to help financially and with technical assistance for  rural communities experiencing a significant economic event such as plant closures and industry wide layoffs. Mentions the words “job training” on page 5 line 24.

Killed in Senate Finance


House Bill 17-1004 Representative Michaelson Genet (D) College Credit for Military Education and Training. Requires the Commission on Higher Education to create a statewide metric for awarding college credit for military education and training This metric put into effect in 2018-19 academic year.

House Education


House Bill 17—1007 Representative Garnett (D) and Senator Gardner (R)  Tax Benefit Employer CollegeInvest Contribution. Employers could get an income tax deduction for amounts contributed to employee’s college savings account.

House Education


House Bill 17-1041 Representative Covarrubias (R) and Senator Priola (R)Inform Students and Parents of Education Leading to Jobs  Requires local education provider that provides concurrent enrollment to provide notice to students twice a year that explains the number and types of credentials a student may earn through concurrent enrollment and the types of jobs available to person who hold those credentials. Senate Education
1164:  outcomes declaration – which programs should be CHOPPED OFF  – budgeting process  –  within the scope  monitor this one in HOUSE EDUCATION COMMITTEE  representative  –   will be Pied.  some elements of this would be beneficial  –  students should know about outcomes  –  not able to be amended in any way  –  ever possible Education Lobbying –  we should never go ahead in Cost benefits analysis  –  


1180:  they supported this bill  –  sets up a fund that qualify a Pell Grant for a short time Certificate    –  if they do qualify foe a pell grant that will make short term certificates possible.  Tuition means tuition, supplies and trade fees  HB 15 – 1275  course that are taken through concurrent enrollment.  400 K  grant.  SUPPORT





Copies of the full bills are available at

January 26 General Skills2Compete Meeting

Members Present: Chaer Robert, Steve King, Kelly Folks, Erica Carr, Karen Stran, Laura Ware, Laurie Harvey, Adam Nettleton, Jon Gallegos, Kris grant, Jesus Loayza, Brian Wilhelm, Randle Loeb, Lorena Zimmer, Jim Schultz, Jenna Leventoff (Phone), Christina Young (Phone), Abigail Hull (Phone), Erica Skolasinski (Phone)



  • Steve King: ReHire is up and running
  • Kelly Folks: A/D Works! Will be putting our their RFP soon


Discussion on Private Occupational Schools:


  • Bill coming out on Friday (January 27)
  • Hopefully going to Senate Education
  • Basic component is consumer information
  • First Half: Information to students prior to point of sale
  • Second Half: Comparative tool to track earnings and other critical pieces of information, seen as an extension of the WIOA tools In place
  • Jim: Good idea to have items that focused on completion rates by program or campus (Chaer noted that this provision should be in the bill)
  • Laurie: Fiscal note out yet?
  • Chaer: Unsure
  • Frank: There is also legislation being developed regarding student loan repayment and default rates
  • Steve: What does the data collection operation look like?
  • Chaer: Specific details are granted to the division for this process and the highest levels of security for privacy are ensured
  • Lorena: Have you looked at existing data sites?
  • Chaer: Some, yes
  • Jenna: Regarding wage records, we’ll be using data that already exists, privacy will be maintained
  • Strategy for the bill:
  • Chaer: What should be the path forward? Endorsements? Testifiers? Stories?
  • Brook to Christina: Would it be possible to gather quotes and stories?
  • Stories could be both positive and negative
  • Would it be possible to find someone who went through training only to find out they were ineligible for that industry because of a prior criminal record?
  • Jesus: If a private occupational school advertised for a job that requires a clean record, they must notify the school before hand
  • Chaer: One group that we want to tap is the United Veterans Committee because GI funds don’t count towards POS’ funding limits
  • Galvanize, a coding academy and POS, wants tougher regulations in place
  • Another perspective would be an employer who wants access to information before they make an investment in someone for their training
  • Frank: Key to messaging is that this doesn’t limit consumer choice, but rather increase consumer information
  • Steve: Any industry groups that we can get on board?
  • Lorena: The Denver Chamber of Commerce foundation is interested in getting student data, but non-committal to an endorsement at this time
  • CACI may, a very small chance, be convinced to sign on
  • Guild Education is an entity that we should collaborate with to work with on the future on this issue


Stay tuned for the progress of this bill. Next General Skills2Compete meeting is Thursday, February 23. See you then!

For more information, contact Chaer Robert, Skills2Compete Colorado Coordinator 303-573-5669 x307 or

Lessons Learned


Student Loan Debt information  –    federal  loan debs rates  publicly made available,  

targets student loan debt  –  still in conversation with members of the department  PRIVATE  OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS BILL  was Pied  MICHELLE  listened to hearing  –  

National Consumer Law Center  putting out reports  –  Private Consumer Board  getting more people who receive services.  PRIVATE OCCUPATIONAL BOARD IS MADE UP OF PEOPLE WHO RUN THE SCHOOLS    Ledi Garcia  –  did not meet the exact category  employer who hires graduates from private schools  –  

2 witnesses against  a lobbyist  speaking for himself  runs a private occupational school  – too burdensome  jack up rates pass along the costs to the students


what you have to do anywhere is provide identification that proves who you are and that you are eligible have to have a social security number  et al.

Frank  Waterous is speaking on proposed legislation  

Other Workforce Development Related Legislation

        Chaer will email out a list for consideration by Tuesday afternoon.  Do we want to endorse or oppose any of the bills?



S2C Task Force on Support Services……………………………………………………………..Committee members

JESUS  is from CCLP  speaking  fund raising for supportive services  1 FTE  40 hours weekly,    54 unique respondents  –  targeted these two  items   –  Laura is speaking  –  resource generation  occurs  –  asking a broader question  –  for numbers that can be used

what to do in an ideal world

supported service that are provided  

                Survey of Community Based Organizations

                Survey of Workforce Center Directors

                Child Care for Skills Training



nationally  they sampled 150  people

mapping exercise where people come from  divide the sampling up by rural and urban locations


BAN THE BOX  skills 2  Compete endorsed this bill  CHANCE to COMPETE

republican co sponsor Larry Crowder,    hopeful  serves on Department of Corrections Board  –  R SENATOR  three names come up on every bill.  


Any WIOA Implementation Updates………………………………………………………………………………………………anyone


Kris Grant

Public Affairs Fellow

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

(303) 573-5669 ext. 314

Chaer Robert 

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 5:55 PM
To: Aaron Moore; Abigail Hull – CDLE; Adam Nettleton; Adam Nettleton; Aguilar, Noemi;; Alison Friedman;; Andrea Stiles Pullas; Ashley Shaw;;;; Brian Wilhelm;;; Cedric Lindsay; Chaer Robert;; Charlene Shelton; Christina Postolowski;; Claire Levy; Cody Belzley; Daniel Zeitlin; David Ortiz; Davis, Megan; Dawn Howard;;;;; Eric Mergens; Erica Skolasinski; Gallegos – CDHS, Jon;;;;; Jenna Leventoff; Jesse Jensen; Jessie Hawthorn;; Jesus Loayza;; Jirous, Jennifer; Jodi Stacey;;;; Julie Kuklinski; Karen Stran; Katie Hester;; Kelly Folks; Kesi Relyea;; King – CDHS, Steven;; Kristopher Grant; Laura Gabbay; Laura Ware;;; Lee Wheeler-Berliner;;; Liu, Michelle; Lorena Zimmer; Luis Duarte; Luke straka;; M Barry;; Margaret Kirkpatrick; Mary Russell;; Michael Smith; Michelle Bueno; Michelle Medina; Michelle Webster; Molly Bashay; Monica Guardiola; Paula Schriefer;; Petti, Anne;;;; Renee Ferrufino;; Rory O’sullivan;; Rudy, Maureen; Sarah Steffes;;;; Senator Fields;; Sheri Michael;; Stephanie Donner;; Stephen Moore;; Tim Gaudette; Tracey Stewart;;
Subject: FW: Skills2Compete Thursday Feb 23- Bill list and Jan Minutes




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