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Capitol Punishment 2017 What Is the Reason We’re Still Murdering People?

February 27, 2017

Capitol Punishment 2017  What are we doing taking people’s lives at all?  Life is sacred?  This is generous when throughout our existence as a species we have been blood curdling thirsty for revenge and vengeance.


Rep Alec Garnett  House District 2  –  bill defeated in the HB 95 3 – 2 vote in senate judiciary comm.

Y  try to repeal the death penalty?

level of district for government is at an all time high  Alec’s thought.

bipartisan support for this   lethal injection 3 drugs for this –  hard to acquire one of these drugs  save $  emotional strain  no consideration of death penalty at all ever again.  His father is a DA

still 72 days left in this session   why not put this on the ballot referendum  amendment 71  costs 5 million to approve a ballot measure.  2/3 required by both chambers for referred measure.

there are three people awaiting death

costs of litigating  –  we do not know  estimates  2 or three million dollars to move a person through the process.

Stacy anderson   educate people




Stacy Anderson  Outreach Better Priorities Initiative of Colorado  republican  15 years  from Nebraska  2003  friend was kidnapped raped and murdered a child.  read 25  books about the issue  government has failed us again.  changed her mind  conservative litmus  three measures fiscally  responsible  –  pro life  –   limited government  failed all three areas.  3 times more expensive to kill them than to care for them  just the same as for homeless people

157 people have been found to be innocent on death row – went through a decade long of review

limited government  taking a person’s life  fails all the way around   the end of the death penalty will be led by GOP. her perspective


sanctity of life moral  issue  executing a sacred person  –  protecting innocent life  these are mostly not innocent people.  DNA evidence is less than 10%  doctored or thrown out because of tampering



Jennifer Kraska  Catholics

George H. Brauchler DA 18th Judicial  District  in Arapahoe –  Douglas – Elbert – Lincoln counties  de Minnesota not a death penalty state

CONFERENCE  of three bishops  

in law school she became involved in the southern poverty law center

death penalty to Catholics:  bishops clear that they support repeal of capitol punishment Pope John Paul II became a champion of ending this act.

no hay un razon de tener muerte de alguien

They certainly used to torture and burn people like Joan of Arc.  

22 judicial districts of the state  first Jefferson  Golden was the first it was the first seat of government we are the 18th 

JULY 13, 2013 when AURORA THEATRE  long after the  Columbine High School murders  occurred  –  measured justice approach   –  the theatre murder  –  supreme court people versus Dunlap   –  DA  how to make a more measured approach  –  Governor said that there has to be a conversation on these matters.  Government can set the machine in motion to curtail a person’s life


consistency of the offense gravity of the offense  is this also true for people of color?  HELL NO

without the option of the death penalty there is no justice  17 aggregators to determine whether to murder a person who is  unable to change

go back to your cell  we did away with administrative segregation and solitary confinement

costs of not having the death penalty:  

there is a lot of interest in this issue  unfortunately  we have a perspective that is Medieval.

CORA CASE  they opted out of these decisions

QUAKER  prisons not an answer sanctity of life  should not kill  prisons are neither alternative to violence  program TRAUMA VICTIMS  anger emotions internal casualties

life totally changed  this is the Mahatama Gandhi approach to justice  bitterness brings on more violence

WILLING EAR  for these thoughts – prisons serve a purpose as well  prevention of innocent people rehabilitation   people cannot be rehabilitated  –  their hearts are dark

jury could not decide on the death penalty in that case  that was pure evil  a charler manson senseless murder

our penalty is tougher than anyone else to make this occur?

weigh mitigation aggravation beyond a reasonable case. final phase supreme court  you get told ten times individualized reasonable doubt  facts married to the law

never vote for this

this state follows the law to the letter

death qualified they have to be willing to be on the jury

this is from the Aurora Theatre shooting

cannot live with themselves subsequently

HUNTSVILLE TEXAS  1 hour away CHRIS HINES comes from there

toolbox matter

plea out the decision

move about to start their life without parole














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