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Disconnected Nothing Left Behind

March 28, 2017

Disconnected –  Nothing Left Behind

 Ease on down the road   – relieving reliving a burden of a Wandering Ruminating spirit

Disconnected from Nothing a flair of Mischief of a Disturbed Longing Heart



Disconnected from Nothing  Nothing Left  Disturbed  – Undisturbed  Unfounded Losses Prevail From the Start


everything that could be  dissolved in the starry night like a frayed feather floating through the air with no exception 

like wings of the moth that shed and the worker bee that dissipates

there is no place to stay  like the albatross that glides through the foaming brine sputtering from the salt water spray across the swells

heaving a sigh remembering the moments that captured one’s breath that took off and left us stranded once again

What do we first long for but being swaddled sheltered kissed and hugged cuddled in the storm of growing changes on the horizon


feeling that unceremonious aching for a place of refuge  inside 

belonging beholden loved without end


there is a place that you feel safe

that you can come to any time and sit

warm your hands and heart

believe that this life is in some part a measure of accomplishment 

of struggle that brings satisfaction to you and everyone in your life aft and forward

that your memories are ones that are untarnished and clear

that your means of survival prevailed


and wherever you end you have no regrets

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