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I Wanted to Share Everything With You

March 30, 2017

I wanted to Share Everything With You  


from the time of your birth



there always was a dissonance in me about everything 



growing more and more distance and diffident



we traveled further apart



there were circumstances falls   losses interminable penetrating disturbing



losing everything that ever mattered  between us



sadly   there never was a time to staunch the bleeding 



we each became more separate and intractable in our ways


our paths never to reconcile and cross again


descending down the Jericho Road there were immeasurable wayfaring burdens



the near fatal accident the aborted trip to see me the loss of complete  mental health and 


then immerses both in economic and social pulchritude  the misery of clawing out a well 

that peers up from the darkness into the pitch black darkness


9/11  more agony and falls bruises bangs dislocated



on the other side of the hemisphere at 20,000 leagues under the sea


in a swelling crack in the Teutonic fault line



whose fault was there to name or throw stones in glass houses or be contrite or unblemished


All of you moved on but me I groveled in the romantic gesture that I could save US


of course living in a paltry place wherever it was fit to lie down and whenever to let my eyes shut


dreams past like kaleidoscopic silhouettes of what once was


All of US victims of our tragic limping skulking home


a glass menagerie




buried on shards of sandy shores of antiquity







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