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Never – Never – Never Land

March 31, 2017

Never  Never Never Land   


In land of winken – blinken and nod sailing off in a deep  blue-green boat on beyond the horizon  no one has ever been brought into the world considering being  without  steady  means of caring for one’s family –  of being a single parent – of a child that has been broken down lost abandoned left to her own devices

None have ever started their lives with the sense that their life is fragile without elan or a sense of being both safe – sound for good

None have been brought into the world sanctified –  born in a place that is perpetually a lost stolen frayed  forgotten without means of providing caring loving sensing that this life is sacred


we live on the cutting edge not of progress towards the light but in a filtered dank limited reality that too often always challenging in the deepest sense of despair


what portion of life is meant to be a contumely of innocence where we leave the world without gritting our teeth descending into a perpetual state of misery of constant terror though we were refugees from a conflict that turns to rubble all out lives leaves us scarred bereft  clawing for a breath of fresh air?

we teeter on a brink of a place of deep abandonment trauma that has no refuge in neither sweet night nor by light of dawn  in broken dreams

Our boat tossed on the roiling seas torn ripped chopped off neither from stern without a rudder nor a paddle nor life line buoy or emergency provisions


we live by a code of letting go making do  reminding ourselves over and over that we will get by this day this time this way

undoubtedly you’re unaware that there is a place for the least among us that it is said that we will be first  that we will neither have to fill in sit in line  – nor wait interminably for a place at the table of the last supper






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