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Declivity Your Fault Surely

April 1, 2017

Declivity  your  fault surely


Disabled  Disportionately  bound in limited sense of what is   you mired tethered from a bog like a lost cause

What is the point of wasting a moment in your shadow  among you with you for a partner in this insufferable world where you don’t fit in belong a waste land unto all 


a toast to you is a thrown a way toward the sewer out of which you crawled like a komodo dragon without a tail teeth or a scale

your paltry fate is attached to the rest of humanity that languishes in the darkness unspoken unsaid  unwanted good riddance to you  you’re of no use or point a trifle

to be put down, blunted cut off busted  kept from common view  left on your own

to your own   –  without support or trust  forsaken  smiling vulture that views carrion as more civil

 putrid flesh that cold bites  the remedy for denuding this earth of your presence


we search  search in vain for a point of your existence   you flame  are heard of no more


there is a place for you beneath a rock to wait out the injustice of being born


irony that there are 5 billion more



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