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For Better or For Worse

April 1, 2017

For Better or For Worse

WE’RE Thrown  –  here  –  whatever befalls us  we’re thrown

a whirling dervish   or a lost and solemn life until the last  

we’re thrown in the beginning at our inception throughout our struggles and follies

We Have no more pressing place to go but walk through the dawn of breath 

reach out spring through the open door into the light for good

we have no choice   life is a divine comedy not one that inevitably 

casts a pall over our final breath

we have a responsibility to live our lives with joy  with gifts of love with making other’s lives joyful

always living with your eyes and heart wide open listening to the silence that falls away 

from the beauty and depth of being here

We are thrown yet we have a chance to breath  what lies ahead beyond yonder breach is guiding us always along the way

towards a sanctuary where we reemerge with all eternity all that fills the heavens, the waters , the earth on which the promise of our birth and passing always remain

steadfast formidable this gift finely tuned as the thongs of a lyre that catch our breath 


resolving the question in our heart as to what we were born for in this tumultuous whirlwind of stormy seas and heaving earth amidst the cacophony of shrieking gulls

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