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No Turning Round Only Upsidedown

April 2, 2017


No Turning Round Only Upside Down 

Wearing a  sheet of Varied colors  like a serape.  over your head  a plastic tarp to  block out the wind

blowing you every which way nowhere top hide until the rising moon leaves 

everyone is fast asleep   in beds far from the stormy shoals of waters rising on the shore hidden in the reeds  making no noise  no sound no groans or moans

staying alert while reasoning that  you depart at first light like a moth that hides from the predators  forgets that we are here wrestling  with somnambulance 

put out by the family as a child  for  whatever reason which  they had

caring for your baby hidden inside you leave a wisp of smoke from every breath alone shuddering in your coveralls. 

there is nowhere for you to come in where you’re welcomed with warm embrace.







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