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Walking Down a Road To You

April 2, 2017


Walking Down a Road To You

what  she needed was a friend   all life long  a friend to keep her strong

on and on and on the journey  hand in hand  

through times of little  through times of grief of moments of despair  of joyous wonder  and circumspect longing for a place to share

a warm breeze a soft whisper a gentle kiss a reaching around of arms   a waltz in the moonlight by the edge of the shore  all alone sharing the universe

with everything that is worthy of love  hope  of being with you 

through all the times we shared 

you gave me back inspiration imagination sense believing in our life together

sensing that the world is ours to hold 

remembering you in the moon light feeling the midnight air rising through the leaves 

your hair your eyes your face glowing

writing for whatever you can hold in your hands and heart

flying through the sky  without end over the waves the ebbs and flows of the troughs of the swelling spray of water through the air over boundless promontories to the edge of chance where the sky meets the sea













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