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Grounding – One Cries Out for Common Ground for All Humanity

April 4, 2017
One Cries Out For Common Ground For All Humanity


Housing for all   nothing less than a place of your own

where we live is always a matter of survival  

We have never had a chance throughout our lifespan to have a choice about how to live

and thrive

we have always been relegated to seconds

living from the crumbs accidentally left that dropped to the floor

our main concern is how to stay away from turmoil by anesthetizing our seneses 

keeping out of the way completely  

we wrap ourselves with whatever we can scrounge and consume whatever we can find

to fill out stomachs and forget that gnawing cavity that exists in our hearts

We’re left to develop  a plan when we’re scared by everything that comes and what we imagine is our ends

We’re invisible to most and we have grown accustomed to being afraid of our shadows coming and going  from the outset  until our untimely end no matter what grounds us

Sometimes I just want tpo get lost return to the wilderness of my birth and leave everyone alone

that way there is no exceptional end no one to mourn my loss.

I have been absent for long long times before  being forgotten is a gift 

ever more we’re touched by the darkness we forget 

We’ll never know how we lived 

a glimpse of recalling what we used to do where we came from what we wanted to become

Always grounded whether in the hustling open market or on the apex of jutting peaks

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