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No Matter What Against All Hope Reason Experience We Shall Be Moved We Go On

April 5, 2017

No Matter What Against All Hope Reason Experience We Shall  Be Moved We Go On

No Matter what  against all hope  reason experience We Shall   Be Moved We Go On

Frailty familiar with the blessings  bangs blows surviving storms wintry blasts reeling from experience born in forges of utter horror of spirit dashed of some hoary frost that pervades the breath that seeps into the coursing veins that envelops the heart that cements the mind shut

jutting out from furnaces bellows that creak moan a countless refrain of gripping fierece hold on heaving chest scarcity of each evoking a place of remorse struggle breadth and depth of turmoil

you  go on   you move you throw you search for an answer a place that is not known where you can spread out create a fresh start when light’s yonder lifts the veil of repose

you have lived like this for centuries have been born and grown and died in such circumstances that would not be understood by anyone 

and you are reminded that though your heart aches you see the same struggling surging from loved ones and all you create as though you are a misfit loved once now forgotten like the Velveteen rabbit left out discarded denied

You creep on you tend the embers of the dying embers you inhale what you can brewing sustenance from deep within that cannot be heard or efforts understood except by kindred pilgrims on their way to hallowed shrines where we sit reminding one another that we go on


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