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Safe and Sound Verily Feeling Safe Unconditionally

April 5, 2017


Safe and Sound  Verily Feeling Safe Unconditionally

Safe and Sound  Verily Feeling Safe Unconditionally

What and where have we you felt cuddled  where you belong no matter what ?

Some of Us never feel grounded at ease blessed wanted not even in the  womb

We ask, Why were we ever born?  Our refrain,  “is that we wish we never were.”

When we go to sleep it is often the only place that we feel safe and even here we are troubled fretting wondering whether we will awaken and rise

Some ways we harken back to when we were small wishing that somehow we had been protected allowing to be open full secure having enough of love, of patience,  of tenderness, of solace, of laughter, of belonging and longing for our beloved

no one from the start neither child nor sibling, nor partner, nor even mentor no work no place no time or place ever restored the sense of being calm or being loved unconditionally 

nowhere was there  a sense of being here feeling free from the bonds of doubt of living with integrity  hope trust being accepted for who and what you have or where you came from that you are here for a purpose

You truly wish you were never were born and that you have passed this insecurity from generation to generation without end

Being here has continued to be a matter of wishful comfort

Somehow you survive you look out or through a glass menagerie seeing everything distorted   murmuring I made it to ten

sounding off I made it to twenty

wondering how you made thirty

Feeling the promontory of a spit of land at forty

Being alive at fifty is a fantasy  walking tenderly

sixty is more than you can stand  reflecting what light descended to embrace that the infant fails to grasp in tiny hands  you struggle to imagine what seventy would be like

that your beloved companion who was the only one who ever made you feel undefeated and unafraid  unsettled and alone was dead at seventy-four.

You wonder what made this effot such a grinding erratic pulse that robs you of stamina stains the fabric of your garments that keep you warm you don’t feel clean

neat at home you languish in the memory of being born and being literally thrown like a rotting cabbage on the compost pile

Sometimes you reflect on what took place to bring you here you sigh you shudder gasp verily feel your heart is broken 

You conspire to steal away and eking out the last the very last leaf to give up in that good night to rest









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