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Colorado State Assembly HB 1314 – 2017 Colorado Right to Rest Noneria

April 10, 2017

Colorado  State  Assembly  HB  1314  2017   Colorado  Right To Rest


We are interested in more than “band-aid solutions” –

we know that long-term community impact comes only from forward-looking and thoughtful planning.

Band-Aid Solutions Definitions

Using a quick fix to deal with a problem temporarily, only to have it re-emerge later.

A quick and/or temporary solution to a problem that does not address or resolve the underlying cause of said problem.

Hasty solution that covers up the symptoms but does little or nothing to mitigate the underlying problem.








Create Lasting Solutions!


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Presumably,  one knows full well that every other citizen  documented or otherwise has a a right to be safe and enjoy the benefits of the beauty and gifts of public spaces.  Although homeless people live at the edge of our communities they still have obligations  reasonable rights and privileges that have to do with preserving the quality of life for everyone.  Homeless people by and large are here to benefit from the resources of the communities in which they’re living as citizens .  This means that they have to abide by the rules and regulations of local governance.

Knowing full well how life threatening it is to be on the street in any condition, at any age and in any circumstance, it is effective to provide emergency housing for all citizens having no permanent place to dwell, no matter where in Colorado they live.   It is necessary for the local governments to provide adequate safe accommodations that meet the personal needs and issues faced by all people who live in a vulnerable situation.  

Contrast focusing on “Colorado Right to Rest,” with making available choices for all residents of a place to stay.  There must be a dedicated funding stream that meets the demand whatever this amount of money is and all local governments  must provide a means of access for their communities for adequate housing.

Housing options will include services that stabilize the person’s or family’s personal safety, quality of life and accommodates resources directed for the benefit of caring fr the person or persons throughout their lives. In other words “homelessness,” has to be eliminated as a condition of life of anyone living here by whatever means is possible to make sustained practices and provide choices for the people who experience a lack of resources.  

Focusing on the right to rest to stay in any place designated as “public space,” is both reckless and unfair for everyone who abides in the local providence.  It is also economically a failure of our nation and communities to develop the lives of people to get on with their ability to function as fundamentally as anyone else does in our country.

I stridently urge anyone associated with the “Colorado Right to Rest,” to reconsider their claim that this is a moral, legal or otherwise humane intervention strategy. Please vote, “No,” on HB 1314-  17 and let us build communities and find “lasting solutions.”

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