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AZ The World Turns a Vortex Off Its Axis

April 16, 2017

AZ the World Turns a  Vortex Off Its Axis


Nuclear Proliferation of Weapons of MASS SUICIDE

Environmental Catastrophe   proportions of which coincide with Economic Collapse 


Growing Despair  Corruption of all institutions that are created to protect defend define   great abundance of wealth privilege power  prowess of malignant demigods


moral spiritual decay  opioid addiction  death by one’s hand  destruction of others the quality of life of everyone

a world that transcends human value that welcomes the 7th extinction of life that spirals out of control with the anthropocene era of people destined since 1950  when I was born


We are standing on the verge of a great precipice of unseen unheard proportions which inevitably will leave the earth devoid of all by any means except the most simple and therefore adaptable species.  Everything else will be done


How are we to weather this apocalypse?  Like the two bus riders this afternoon who said that they are big supporters of the present chaos of the government, we will interminably be vacuous, devoid of spiritual sense wisdom ability to function 


Nuclear Winter will deepen all crops are life will be destroyed  there won’t be any chance to turn back the doom’s day clock.  We’re 2.5 minutes away from midnight and we are speaking about a right to rest  inevitably we will rest for good  inert contaminated  defined by the horror of justification that we were right  true  to the spirit of the avaricious pursuits of billionaires and not preserving the earth


As I deboarded the bus I called back, that these two would be extinct gratefully smiling as their senseless lives were mercifully ended thanks to their choices and ignorance


where are we going to where are we how did we get this far since I was born toward out own destruction?  The answer is blowing in the wind there is no one to hear the force of the maelstroms of monsters that grow and grow with our fears


we are the most fearful dangerous pernicious force that has ever existed on earth


Blessings and to all a good night

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