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Pulse Pausing Reflecting Be Still

April 16, 2017

Pulse Pausing Reflecting  Be Still


Are You ever going to stop your vitriolic gesturing

whenever nothing works nothing goes your way

you’re  devastated because you’ve been left out 

you’re feeling sad because none wants to dance 

or be your partner

or stay with you when You’re out of sorts

you lost everything that matters most

your best friend left you cold

you’re afraid you’ll never have someone to love

You’re poor  you’re invested in differences 

whether you make a deal  that will change your life  which naturally 

is unreal


You are addicted to making it out of poverty as fast as you can

Your spirit languishes self-absorbed with doubt insecurity

a listing ship marooned on a sand bar  no place to run to

nowhere to hide


All or nothing  must be tough to live with such a heavy burden

the doors are all closed in your face

you’re suspected for every mistake


no one knows who you are or comes to see you


you are too far removed from Mars


Left to drift like an abandoned ship


Be gone  be done  deserted still afraid no one will know

that is about all you have of a legacy


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