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Swing Low – Swing High – Swing Upside Down – Longing Verily for a Place to Come Down Rest – Die – on Earth as in Heaven

April 16, 2017

Swing Low – Swing High — Swing Upside Down –  Longing Verily for a Place to Come Down Rest –  Die – on Earth as in Heaven

We are born into a world of dreams make believe determined to embrace everything possible  

We come with opening wide eyes  mesmerized with the beauty gifts possibilities of creating being learning


We come into the world as beings who are sacred blessed by all that exists both adverse hungry longing bountiful and scarce

We are a sentient seed planted firmly in the midst of heaving breathing fulfilling hope rising inside our spirits lapping every grain of sand tossed upon the shore in the eddies of reach of ravishing beauty for the grace of being born


WE know that we are safe  we feel happy and sad cry and laugh smile at the whirling mobile thrust into our vision tasting yearning to be free

We rise to meet  sun rise to touch the sky rise to grasp the meaning of every nuance of being  here 


If every moment is full we see that this is a moment built upon a moment

 upon a moment upon a moment anon

we understand that we are here from the outset to love to sense the epiphanies that happen at every turn every day we are here


When we are finished we are the sum of all that we perceive that we experience that we have become

where we are is at the start of the journey no matter how we have faltered or succeeded

beyond all expectation we are a finite gift to the universe,  basking in the dawning light of transcendent awakening






























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