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There IS NO Shelter from the Storm

April 16, 2017

There IS NO Shelter from the Storm

Nowhere safe nowhere here  resting without respite from the pangs of loss of memory or thought that once your faculties were in tact

dreaming keeps rerunning old haunted images of doubt

where we go under this canopy we must remain

there are no further vintage refrains

keep the light shining in the moss that alights the loam on the ground keep tending the embers that glow when stirred in the forest of the night

resolve to remain undisclosed

no choices   every time denied   each time a new attempt to rise

one choice here  one choice there  one choice everywhere  no time to decide

terrified this choice is denied

tundra under my feet  permafrost slipping away releasing harmful gases dissipating in the ether

no time to play

one  choice made another put aside

leaving me speechless   beside a lagoon

laced with toxins that leave my parched throat grasping  prolonged alone

despite your care

wrapped in guilt that I’d made the wrong choice flown away without remorse

evicted hoarded  much less on the ground

simmering vents of despair rising choking off

what else remains of health

fracking near the marrow of my bones

left alone nearby the continental shelf or here beside the road 

shoulders ache

arms cannot feel anything

fingers gnarled

knuckles swollen 


who can hear my relentless claim

denied a clean bed a place to dress a WAY  to a place of rest

One claws and scratches  you see darkly  you flee your solace comes from silence your truth from a canopy covering your escape settling down in the ashes of  lost respite 

who longs for a place how long  wherever you dwell you’re not alone

troubled dreams  what else prevails in this abyss of dread

no choice denied  left alone

he died  

ALL of US died a little each time there was nowhere to hide  no one could be held accountable 

no one dared try

Everyone died

all alone a lighthouse keeps the view

as we are swept out the door 

we leave without a TRACE

No one left to call

none remain inside grounded without

a way a must awake at least last the very last

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