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Until Then I will be Waiting for You

April 16, 2017
For All Humanity we mourn our reckless dispatch of life on earth

Until Then I’ll Be Waiting for You

I  see you passionately  in my dreams  I miss your gentle touch your breath the feeling of being beside you  I must  be clear I cannot imagine a moment without you in my life

Your smile  your heart your beating out the syncopating rhythm of life     – you set the world on fire with your presence your grace  to be without you  was not what I had planned

Somehow  I lost all  I was out of touch  without reason  or loving embrace  you turned away  and left me breathless at night in dreams that tossed and turned

in my most formidable struggles with life and death  every time the wound was opened more and more with each passing moment I regret

When I looked into the heaven I fondly dreamed that you were looking into the sky with me and in this way we were together once more

wandering through the woods on an adventure sleeping beneath the starts gazing into the heavens with hearts beating as one that resonated with one another as we did the first moment I saw you rise and kiss the strident dawn  I furtively kissed you again and again blessed you with your name

I never stopped loving longing for you even though to most I was gone  had left abandoned my post  forgotten my primary purpose  to be sentient of your gift  that had elapsed 

Among the stars I always recollect the one s that embrace your presence in my heart

be still bereft determined never to regret to mourn your loss forever 

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