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Hear Me Roar

April 17, 2017


Hear Me Roar

i wonder what will happen when i die

will you cry  or nonchalantly go about your daily routines

Will you wonder what happened who I was where I’ve been what matters through my eyes

Will you caress me and kiss my skin gently hold me ion you mind’s eye

will you let the time pass without a gesture grimace test

was this worthy of our love or do we detest say thankfully she’s gone

she came as a speck of dust an infant struggling to grasp a ray of sun

will you plant a flower or a tree lay a wreath  write a madrigal

weep inside in the frigid night light a candle remind loved ones that I’m dead

be a mentor to have insight of what its like to be a candle that was snuffed out

hear me now that I am finite living with losses that transform the gifts of life long love passionate kindred spirits that jumped up danced sang gathered strength rose again

with every pause and primed the pump  be still this night be hallowed in this gift that we cannot escape

hear me now for your stinging words your spirit has left me out

never never more quote a slug turns to vapid air leaving alone hoary frost

a gift for good no matter how transforms this universe upside down inside out a parable of a sacrament to life  to life life given taken to the good earth bound

Randle Loeb


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