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Floating Freely in Grief

April 18, 2017


Floating Freely in Grief

Domestic abuse violent confrontations   coupling  erupting in abuse tough love leaving marks on all who come after   

what can be done to preserve the quality of life for the children?

to live breathe care for all others even when it hurts one is  worn down suffering from trauma

generating defensively defining the genetic transfer of trauma of alarms raised whenever there is a threat

generating violent responses to ordinary problems that rise and fall like a geyser in a volcanic landscape of steaming pools of resignation to the realities that we face

Looking forward we are always  dreaming that there is a place to settle down living with rhythm care holding gently everyone one knows

Floating Freely in Grief  Over Coming Generations of Despair Through Poverty of the Spirit 

Taking each day as a revolving account of misery for everyone living under the mantle of crushing defeat

turning to just making it and anesthetizing  every time there is a chance to escape



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