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Never Ending Loss

April 20, 2017


Never Ending Loss Abound

 it is constant as one is born one loses

always another upon another

until the last

some  say more than 1/4 million losses go hand in hand with life

we’ve to sustain sorrow amidst gifts of living waters that flow on endless  ripples of 

rising tides that lap shores cutting channels at each turn

passing on with impatience promise resolution of jutting peninsulas  

keeping cadence with time the river the pace depth scope of all flowing waters

from manantials springboks  estuaries foaming out from rocks in highlands far from shores binding their movement ever onward

herald eddies that wrestle with windy currents beating down steep cliffs to seas  far flung

eddies to the wind strip off bracken fronds spray heavenwards descending deep within rocky moss out crops twisted gnarled branches that fill dams made by water spirits

loosed eddies to ripple burst pour over them until they moan crack fall to brine drenched floors

for all lost there are comforts in a rhythm of beating drums drones of majestic bountiful life sopping  up rays of light disappearing in forests of night spirits that alight  our imaginations and sustenance for our countenance 

in vaunted solemn prayer blessings for all a jubilee worshiped adulation of all that passed


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