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Keep Warm Comforted Caring Simply by Surviving

April 21, 2017
Keeping Watch

Keep Warm Comforted Simply Through Surviving

Thrown  ongoing guttural bellicose rasp of sinews grimacing        secure withstanding falling out collapsed in sonorous dreaming 

a hot bed comforter blankest expressing  enough wrapped all around

in fusion with the inside against whatever may come my way

Do I have enough surviving accumulating emergency provisions  stored in hollowed grottos against any uncertainty  adverse urge  keeping me going despite ravages of  buttresses against wind rain unprecedented challenges of twisted sister spirit of beware 

of glittering specks of night sky poured open upon the earth

huddled in brambles beneath the forest canopy  in the deadest of groaning creaking bones aching vessels  strange calls echoing through cicadas winged shimmering overheard a metronome of doubts will make it through this 

foundling a dirk a sable a wrap   tugged closer  through quiet unrelenting no company to keep trampled down by fears of flying barges shifting through dark matters across my countenance I perceive that this will pass

Anon whispering chorus  “this will pass by passing as ships hulls moaning fog horns steamy midst in silence I repel the terrors of darkest moments of despised fury pointed inward a cudgel of sense of fear that ripples as a heavy weight dropped from the stern seeking deeper ends

plotting through the forests of immortal innocence without  remorse

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