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Prayer Before the Senate of the Colorado General Assembly April 27, 2017

April 21, 2017

Senate Prayer for the 27th of April 2017


We’re gathered here before the citizens of the State of Colorado.  May we Hear the Wishes and distinct Issues of all of those who dwell in the valleys the highlands along the estuaries and throughout the plains.  May we rise to meet the pleas addressing the vicarious virtues and vicissitudes of everyone and in every common place in which we dwell.


We need the power of prayer both listening hearing responding to all of the citizens whether they are sought out or ever come here to our citadel.

 We have to listen to absorb the plight of the most vulnerable and lift out the virtues of everyone who chooses to make Colorado our home.


If we are led to listen without judging neither origins nor motivations for choosing this,

remembering that we have come from a long line of ancestors who reach back along the path of the wilderness,

 we will choose well  acting as we must to preserve our sacred lands and people .

On this day honoring such an able and creative administrative leader

 Honorable John Straayer

Truly a fabulous innovator


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