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From My Father’s Ashes

April 22, 2017

From My Father’s Ashes 

 Beloved gentle giant noble beautiful bounty for a son’s fiery countenance born from bound to beholden to forever potent gift of natural beneficence fairness unblemished decent transcendent from practice of kindness servitude patience restraint 

no one ever loved or embraced lapped love upon a son like this wonder of the world being touched by him stripped all pretense concern trappings from doubt that ever more this true crucible of loving arms kisses furtive gestures was the standard born in all relations

when one lay down closed tired eyes clenched a fist rose in dissonance his gentle voice rocked you as in a cradle nudged you to quell the distemper made it possible troubled spirits dissipated from hovering tentacles  receded giving way to dawn

His body depleted by ravages of struggle breathing departed but spirit always remains after most of my life finite sense that this giant still remains seated on my bed stroking my head holding me gently heaving as though to absorb the sting of being my mother’s child  he simply cared for me whatever matter malevolence fury emerged from flaming torches that rose and always rocked me to sleep deep within his breast more mother care giver wonder than all the shades of grey more mellow stirred serene memories deftly comes faintly from his heart

though he left half a life span past his smile his frame hovers over all I have ever  all I know all in heaven beyond head bent by my side my head on his great lap

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