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Never Never Have Had Anything to Do With Any All That’s Wrapped Up Here Now

April 23, 2017

Never Never Have Had anything to Do With Any All That’s Wrapped Up Here NOW

Reality is not fixed set limited   Experience is transcendent  metamorphosis  always changing limitless  

Seeing the world as set like a pendulum of a great clock is like living on one plain of existence


departs from

deliriously whirs

spirals  helix  double treble multi-layered warped around asymmetrical 

turns on an axis  

spindles revolve in different relation to one another like  dark matter

always collaborating contorting continuously spinning at odds with perceptible limits

 forming shape space substance nuances of ground whatever is

changes without pause 

irreducible clairvoyant from end to end beginning to beginning  never having begun 

always present here

we’re a minuscule sinew of kicking hearts throbbing in darkness never lit

sourdough mash starter struck in fused in motion absorbing sponge   devouring ether

attracting more more more mass rising congealing consuming all  that is that ever touched touching grasping yielding springing forth with a will of ferocious vent gases released in geysers throughout pervasive darkness  circulating with everything knowing renewing repelling connecting 

there is no end no middle no beginning no here or now no resolution  always changing tampering with form flow function design  grand finite free tasteless odorless revered hated despised desperate devolving into a great barrier swamp from which there is no foothold known

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