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On Mothers – Daughters – Grand daughters on and on – Without Strings (Sin Sogitas Amarrados) Attached

April 23, 2017


On  Mothers  –   daughters  –  grand daughters on and on

Without Strings  (Sin Sogitas amarrados)  Attached

 where do we come from   an umbilical cord that is firmly knotted from placenta to infants from boundless seas unto ends of earth from whence we climbed from the brine onto shores of distant sands forever united across oceans currents lapping waves upon every monument of life

a caravan stretching end to end across streams of asteroids carrying precious cargoes of filaments of genetic strands strewn across a twisted helix of birth rebirth of rising tides settling winds nourishing fecundity of currents a slippery glaze carrying descendants unto utter ends

we’re born here in this spot from mothers who have born the brunt of all existence throughout our brief path along a trail that remarkably has survived

we’re blessed beyond measure that we’ve been carried by these loving arms held close bestowed with limitless finite gifts of momentum revelry in a smiling face embracing coddling consoling us throughout our presence 

We’re a finite gift perceived by every knowing hand that comforts fondles rocks judges not but  provides eternal sustenance. 

We’re sacred a rare gift that is a blessing to all who come and have come before connected from beginning to end through language music sphere as a hand that rocks the cradle that holds her breast that suckles the young fervently guiding us on


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