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Prayer for the Senate April 27, 2017 Colorado General Assembly

April 27, 2017

Prayer for the Senate Colorado General Assembly April 27, 2017

What drives your spirit  –   raises your pulse   –  lifts you up  – makes sense  –   your  passion   –  settles in your heart    –   creates partnerships linking you in all ways?

We’re always here together   –  changing  one another through all we touch

We’re a METAMORPHOSIS   –   a plant or the seas rising waters   –  spilling onto the beach   –  waters pouring down from a spring

Our Passions define who we are   –   what we can accomplish  –    what we’re meant to become   –   wherever we venture

whether we feel regret    –    we’re always called to find a way     –    inevitably  we’re full of grace


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