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An Unquenchable Thirst

May 4, 2017

An Unquenchable Thirst

Desiring everything that could be possible would be  realized would be won would be satisfying in deepest sense of loving succeeding transforming inspiring finding a way

that never was possible  in all of the misery turmoil loss  expecting to find a place to settle be safe sound sleeping without remorse with a sense of longing for tomorrow for this moment for the gift of being here of being  fulfilling of sustenance without measure without regrets without blindly groping from one set of mistakes to a dead end

we make our bed and must lie down rest say a benediction to the nightingale with dropping eyes with visions of blessings with a cool breeze that stirs with passionate flight lights on a balcony heaves a sigh of elation that we are at home comforting beneath a mantle of grace of gestures of furtive kisses of entwined legs arms heads nestled  in deep slumber

you come to me in my dreams  kneel beside me gather me close to your heart breathe in tipping softly on my chest relieving all doubts fears banished from nightmares tenderly keeping me safe however I go in or out or hold you you remain lying beside me in the forests of illusions brambles thorny wastes prepared to endure whatever torments you have unearthed whatever we face hand in hand we remain together through eternity

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