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Four Horsemen: Rapacious Greed, World-wide violence, exacerbation of the Natural Resources, Break Down of the Climate in the Anthropocene We’re Beckoned to a Final Reckoning

May 31, 2017

I find the community of brothers and sisters in my life have always buoyed my spirit. I find contemplative prayer and meditating are also great comfort. I love to look at nature in all its fragile and great splendor. I love silence and the beauty of the dawn and dusk that reaches out embraces me and motivates me to trust even when I feel tenuous and lost. Above all it is the tension of love that fulfills me for all that we dare touch.


Finally, in this dour prediction what we can do is live more simply, with compassion and forgiveness being wrapped around by SIMPLICITY. We have to give up our juvenile pleasures and live more with care for the world and all that we are entrusted to preserve for those who follow. Noam Chomsky indicates that we must not give in or give up.


the answer is far more involved than what has been stated. Studying these issues extreme poverty the bulk head is trauma this is a difficult time for most threatened by chaos in the apex of governing almost everywhere in the nation. Signs of the decline and fall of the empire are everywhere, from climate catastrophes, to automation, to jobs markets being overseas, to the extreme wealth disparities. Veterans are finding life unbearable and taking their lives at 20+ daily, the scourge of human trafficking, of Immigration and Customs Enforcement taking away parents and destroying families. Altogether children are starting their lives with significant trauma. Untreated trauma has caused a rift that causes generations to follow in misery. In the context of the real impact of the Great Recession, many people did not and will not recover and this impacted many children whose only parent does not have what is necessary to sustain her family. We are pushed with our backs against the wall and the political economic system is fascist.

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