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Ma Soeur 19 Years Old on Her Wedding Day 55 years past Ebullient and No Doubt Terrified and at Last Relieved

June 18, 2017

Ma Soeur 19 Years Old on Her Wedding Day 55 years past Ebullient and No Doubt Terrified, and at Last, Relieved  – (Home was nothing to write about wistfully)


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Fifty-five years ago today at around three o’clock in the afternoon, I got married. I was with my parents that day, and with my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and cousins and my little brother. My friends from high school and college were there. My parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles are dead now, as are the cousins who attended my wedding. I don’t see or hear from my friends anymore. Still, this is my wedding anniversary — the only one I ever had. So I think of it today. I still have my wedding dress and some pictures.

Editorial comments:  This picture glows with the expectation of a life of love.

I wish there was a time and place for happiness to reign supreme in all of our lives.

Terese, my sister, was faced with stiff challenges as a professional in a patronizing male afflicted world, which began at home. I do not feel that our parents had any idea how to raise a woman in the adverse world of male domination that my sister faced.  She has done her best to fathom and navigate the depths of the challenges that ensued.  Few recognize her great gifts, but as a younger sibling I always admired the courage of her conviction and the passion with which she embraced everything, almost always by herself.

“Terese hopes for joyous memories to come. The truth is that I remember this day as a milestone in my life, which it was — and I remember that on the whole, I was happy that day 55 years ago, but what ensued was not happy in many ways — and I look back on myself, so young and optimistic (and naive) and think about all that was to come — about which I had no idea at that moment.”
“All brides are beautiful, aren’t they? If they’re happy, and I was happy that day. I was 19 years old. I had no doubts about what I was doing.”
I, too remember that auspicious moment as a whirlwind of illusion that passes like a dust devil in the high plains.
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