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Harm Reduction Action Center Denver Committed to Public Health

June 20, 2017

Committed to Public Health

Join us … we need you.
Wanna volunteer on our syringe access table?!  Join us for a one time volunteer training this Thursday, June 22 from 1-3pm.  RSVP to this email.

Join us for a neighborhood clean up.  We are invested in our community and have one coming up this Saturday.  Anyone is welcome, no training is required. Closed toe shoes are required.  Clean ups last about 2 hours.  
We meet at 231 E. Colfax Ave. at 11 SHARP.
  • June 2411am
  • July 2911am
  • August 1911am
  • September 3011am 
***Save the Date*** Thursday, August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day … more information to come soon.  We plan on having a statewide coordinated effort to raise awareness about prevention and remembering those that we have lost.  Overdoses are now the leading cause of death of Americans under the age of 50.
Can’t hang out with us?!  Invest in our work here.
The Fight for our Participant’s Lives.
HRAC’s Policy Initiative
87% of the over 600 lives saved by HRAC participants, with access to Naloxone, occurred in public or semi-public places over the past 5 years. A supervised injection facility would help remove people who inject drugs from parks and business bathrooms into a controlled, staffed, and safe environment. We are having daily conversations with community members about how our community needs a supervised injection facility.  
Did you see that the American Medical Association just released a report to support supervised injection facilities?!?!  Have you seen this new amfAR issue brief with tons of data and support for SIFs?

A Denver supervised injection facility would significantly impact rates of public injection and would serve to help connect our community members to evidence-based healthcare and support. Supervised injection facilities, commonly known as SIFs, bridge the gap between people who inject drugs and public health interventions that are proven to reduce the spread of HIV and viral hepatitis and also prevent fatal overdoses. In fact, of the 102 SIFs currently operating around the globe, not one has reported a single fatal overdose on its premises.
Long story short, See our Harm Reduction 101 video. Then, share with a friend.

Businesses have signed on to support a SIF in Denver … wanna join us?Next month we hope to have the ability to have our supporters and organizations sign on to push forward with a SIF in Denver. Start those conversations within your organization today.

HRAC swag for sale.

Wonder if you can wave your freak flag about the Harm Reduction Action Center with a t-shirt, coffee mug, underwear, or tote bag?!  Well, wonder no more … find HRAC logo items here and HRAC SIF items here. The way this year has been flying by, Christmas is right around the corner.
Ever wish you could get a daily dose of the Harm Reduction Action Center?  Find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
We are working hard for the money…

As a dedicated supporter, you understand more than anyone that we are a public health agency trying to stem overdoses and infectious diseases in the midst of an epidemic.  In 2017 alone, the Harm Reduction Action Center has already spent $90,000 on syringes, safer shooting supplies and biohazards.  Truth be told, we don’t have that much to last us the rest of the year.  We spent almost $400,000 over the past 2 years, just for these supplies.  All of that to say, in the time of serving the most participants we ever had…we are receiving funding cuts.  
While we do a lot of great things, the most effective way to prevent and eliminate the transmission of HIV and viral hepatitis in our community is with access to sterile syringes and sterile safer shooting supplies.  A donation from you today, really, truly makes a difference for us tomorrow.  
For funsies, we have a few Google business reviews from participants …
  • Great place with a positive message.
  • I think this is a very useful resource to help reduce risky business or just obtain a little knowledge.
  • Enough said. They saved my life.  (ED Lisa’s favorite review.)
  • Great place with a positive message.
  • Very kind and curious. Their coffee is to die for and treatment is there if you need it.
  • They make you feel like family here… I love them!
  • Never turned away! Given honest support and a super helpful staff who always will take the time to teach you how to stay safe.
  • Its a helpful place with friendly people.
Our tiny little 2000 sq foot is the only place in our community where we can talk realistically about their drug use.  Together, we laugh, cry, high five, dance, connect, refer, mourn, test, educate, drink coffee, check mail, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.  With over 140 folks in a 3 hour period, per morning, our services are in high demand.  
But what brings people in to see us is sterile syringes and supplies and we project we will need to fund 1,000,000 sterile syringes this year alone.  Your donations to the Harm Reduction Action Center directly keep people in Colorado equipped with the tools to prevent life threatening diseases and empowered to prevent overdose.
We are on the front lines of this overdose epidemic and we know you are right by our side.   Help us meet our mission here.
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