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A Place for Everyone – Living With Less

July 2, 2017

Living With Less

This point on whether or not a personal salary should be more than a school teacher is nonsense.  No One should be able to earn more than what is essentially needed to live a decent life.
“Let’s start with this: No human being on the planet needs to be making a guaranteed $201 million over five years, including Steph Curry.When some public school teachers are fortunate to make $40,000 a year, no athlete needs to average $40 million (which, at that rate, would fund 1,000 school teachers a year). No CEO needs $40 million a year, either. OK, if a scientist comes up with a flat-out cure for cancer, sure, she deserves it. Otherwise, nobody.”

What we have to accomplish is to determine how we can live in this world without consuming every natural resource.  This requires sacrifice on our way of looking at whatever it requires for us to be here as people sharing the earth.  

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