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Foibles of Materialistic Capitolism

July 10, 2017

In this life time, spanning 6 decades, WE have seen more violence everywhere and a focus on weapons, power, and subjugation that is unprecedented. When we were truly young at heart we felt that we could turn the world around like a parable, only to see that for most people and the world itself, these dreams were but dissipating clouds of smoke.


When we were very young the nuclear time was already dwindling, the anthropocene era had begun, life was meaningless in armed conflict in Korea, and in the people in the cross hairs of economic and political domination that arose from the industrial power of America.  We never had a right to strip the world of its natural resources nor to be sop vainglorious that we forget from what humble beginnings we arose.  Instead of a mainstay of caring comfort safety for all people and beings who dwell herein, we were unsated by our rapacious prehensile gluttony.  We could not settle for a simple life of enough and thus we condemned everything and every being throughout the world.


The international community is more and more unrelenting in decrying the violence of America,  WE do not believe in freedom and Democratic values at all.  Because we have adopted the economic covenant of capitalism, which has no use for freedom.  Money in itself cannot be used except by slaves who work for a meagre existence.  The foible of the middle class and the rest of those who struggle is that vying for economic and social standing is damning us all.  We must find a way to share, to create micro enterprises that build our communities and not codependent on the .1 of 1% reigning over us.  They do not share the values of common bonds and the courage of our families to be safe.  Their values and policies are destroying what little chance there is to salvage independence and resilient communities of spirit and hope.

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