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To What End

July 23, 2017
To What End?
Whole affair is simple and unnecessary, arbitrary polices that no one follows like jail.
 makes my blood curdle to be doing this as a pass time.  
I have another night Sunday  to Monday my least favorite are when the cleaning crew comes at 6 and I have to deal with the permissiveness.
It is as if there is an unwritten tacit agreement that anything  goes.
Police and other public servants come and go here at the whim of a tenant.  Sometimes three or four times.
There are many violations of behavior and simple common decency that makes no sense at all to person this desk or for that matter have security.
 Residence council is a smattering of more functional people and reflects out cries to be left alone and for this place to be as slovenly as possible and yet,
i recall the day it was opened in 2002 and the fanfare about the innovative programs.
 It is difficult to believe that this is what was originally conceived and consecrated.  All of these places need to reflect strict policies of care to ensure that people living here feel involved and safe.
When a person is housed it is decided that progress has been made when actually the beginning of any real effort to develop the person’s being here
is to build citizenship and purpose
instead of languishing in soporous poverty of the spirit.
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