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Crested Butte in the Southern Mountains of Colorado North of Gunnison Inundated with Snow Concentrated Site of Segregation Separatism and Special Interests of Pernicious Neoliberalism Applying a Construct That a Person Has a Right to Exploit Others Living in Extreme Poverty

August 8, 2017

Crested Butte in the Southern Mountains of Colorado  north of Gunnison  Inundated by Snow    –   Seeming to be a place of segregation of wealthy White people who have no desire to have their world infused with culture diversity and opportunity for all people in America.  It is a refuge of privilege and those who live apart from the rest of the world.  POVERTY in a sense is an after thought here be there is still inadequate work force housing and prices for rent have surged by demand to more than $750.00 a month and that is called, “Affordable.”



By all measures this is an oasis for a separate and unequal society  just as other mountain resorts have a reputation for gated private communities for wealth, flaunting their largess everywhere.  


In Gunnison  directly south of the mountains there are many workers who cannot afford rent. If they’re lucky they can live with someone else.  Many families cannot afford the high cost of multiple rooms and have to settle for living in shared arrangements.  This scenario is more and more prevalent throughout America.  Many older people decide that to survive they must work until they’re too feeble to continue.


You’re fortunate if you have a place of your own and can keep the dwelling.  That means that you are a part of a privileged class of people.  We have to have housing that is both safe and stable permanently.  We have to provide work force housing for everyone no matter what.  Children have to be able to stay in school and have opportunities to live in relationship to peers.


Housing is directly related to health care.  It is expedient that we recognize the need to make sure that our future is preserved and disabling conditions of chronic illnesses are prevented by health care for all, a decision that anyone who lives in extreme poverty is on the edge and at risk of generation after generation of neglect economically and socially.  We have to declare that there are disaster relief programs that mitigate generational trauma.  Trauma is the underlying epidemic that has led to people throughout  America having no future and a disposition to regard their lives as forfeited for places where people live in a lap of luxury, protected instilled with the proposition of neo-liberalism that a person has a right to freely embrace capitalism excessive and abusive to those who have not.

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