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America in Turmoil – Spiraling Out of Control and Influence – End of an Empire

August 13, 2017

America in Turmoil  –  Spiraling Out of  Control and Influence  – End of an Empire

“In exact ways the 2 party system is a mess, the candidates who represent alternatives are not any more effective. We’re looking at an epoch when conservatives who are not conservationists hold sway over everything and less and less opportunity exists for average ordinary people to have any say at all in policies. The Republic is sputtering thanks to the lack of conscious of the leadership of the parties to build a base of support of poor people. ONLY .1 of 1% set policy and have a word to offer and that means that the majority of voting aged people just do not care to offer their support. Until the leadership everywhere awakens to the reality of how much we have lost of this democracy we have no chance to retake the origins and purpose of this republic.”
editorial comment
With eye on 2018, many progressives are distancing themselves from the Democratic Party
The Democrats who came to Atlanta to meet potential supporters at the Netroots Nation conference often had more positive things to say about the activists than about their party.
By David Weigel •



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