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I Knew Her Well Her gaunt frame her desperate grimace her piercing plea for refuge from the rampaging torrent

October 9, 2017

I  Knew Her Well

   –  Her gaunt frame her desperate grimace her piercing plea for refuge from the rampaging torrent

I feel disturbed
I have lost sense of perspective of the harsh realities of countless nightmares of human existence of brutal ways that add-on countless inequities to our place in this world as wanting as anyone can be of care of sense of commitment to life
a woman came in who had been expunged from here earlier  to find shelter from the cold her countenance was troubled she fretted from hypothermia exposed to water that dripped over every inch of her tangled clothing hair wreaking of sweat and fear that she won’t survive unless she comes in
we talk about options  and assessment tools when there is no guarantee that a person who is developmentally delayed  is gravely disabled  practically all of her life is shunned and asked to remain out at this life threatening moment   one of many
She told me candidly that she had been thrown out of her motel room.  I had known been  aware of her long bouts with mental illness  relented in my heart abandoning protocol to hold her  listening as she stood half drenched on the threshold of where she once had dwelled
“inhumane” my mind shrieked that this crisis passed as though it was a verse in the common book of prayer to suffice to dwell in the midst of pleading for survival  a haunting refrain  touched again and again throughout this first snowy drenched night when another old wounded warrior from neglect came in  crept into the elevator for salvation only to be kicked  butted and removed  and then heard from no more than again the woman who chose a garage to live in because there was no place at all  to stay was threatened  bloodied  by an attacker with a knife
violence hemorrhages discharging again  the prenuptial of rapping  quoth the Raven never more for we all are held accountable at death’s door with reckless abandon dull wits silent stares  all these troubled spirits are offered in supplication for their misery, repeated again  every day every moment every episode that passes for bravado listing false  security a refuge from the fall
Randle Loeb


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