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The Wages of War Is a Glaring Failure to Mediate and Delineate a Way Towards Peace

May 27, 2019


sermon 5/2​6​ and what we are called to do in response to evil
Our first defense is trying to overcome our tendancy to destroy all else
to do this we must gain a foot hold on civility  climbing out to a place of common insights and awareness of one another in the context of being connected always
​leaving our responsibilities for ​all the wanton human tragedy in all the abandonment and waste; all the people whose families are torn asunder by creating homelessness; by creating poverty, especially among these sacrificed children in the mayhem; glorifying war at all, which comes down to the argument we’ve failed  
we have failed to be a voice of the people of all circumstances
insuring that all of us have a life that is fulfilling and provides meaning throughout our lives
Obviously there must be a principles akin to a tzadik  a righteous person without rancor or judging
There have been throughout our lives many who thwarted the injustice of masters and servants and demonstratively realized that there are no borders, there are no enemies, there are no orphans or abandoned, and that dwells in equity of all, and that we’re stewards of this world until our spirit is all that remains to stand for faith and as you expressed the idea Salvation
Please Heed Our Plea, Amen
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