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Our Connecting Makes Us Who We Are

June 18, 2019

Our Connecting Makes Us Who We Are


This relationship above all flourishes despite the buffets and buttresses of life. I am grateful for your presence in my life and hope that by being brothers we can effect change in every manner toward the fulcrum of respect, dialog, reconciliation and by embracing all adversity as a welcoming gift. As Rumi addressed the issue of a robber who comes in the night and takes everything and as was indicated through the epic drama of Les Miserables. We have a duty to be civil servants with a view of the common good for all people who grace us with their presence


to my mentor and brother  and to all who have graced me who have been a building block toward the arc of justice and resolute convictions I Call You Honor You Bestow on you all measure of gifts even if you deceived me, robbed me, abused me, sought comfort only to use me, took me for granted, left me in the wilderness, abandoned me, caused me harm,  I AM GRATEFUL for your presence  all of you.


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