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Bird Blessings From Their Viewpoint

June 23, 2019

 Bird Blessings From Their Viewpoint

They Live Until Death Do US Part

They’re Versatile  Resilient Adapt 

They’re in every place on earth and in the sea

Some live all their lives in oceans 

Some Never alight on land

Their point of view is through a lens of air and space from horizon to horizon

They love baths

They adapt to their surroundings building homes in every environment

They hover dart skim fly at 200 mph or more

They’ve evolved from earliest ancestors having 1,000’s of species

They;re no bigger than a finger and as large as a moose

They’re rage and pitch of sounds rivals any soprano monk and all pitches of singers

Many males care for their young and there are hermaphroditic species

Pigeons or rock doves have adapted to living in urban environments

Passenger Pigeons once filled the sky

They exist in every color and form that appears on earth

Harlequin Ducks among many others have an array of patterns and hues

They fly in a wide array of patterns in unison throughout air like an air show

Their plumage is as wide and and full as possible as an elaborate fan

They work together protecting their young

Their vision is strikingly clear both predators and scavengers

Their diets are as diverse as their numbers









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