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An Underlying Threat to All in Economic Environmental Catastrophe – Lack of Ability to live with dignity will doom most of the world to living a macabre death march while including all species of flora and fauna – From the United Nations Apartheid Coming

June 26, 2019

Lack of Ability to Live With Dignity Will Doom Most of the World to Living A Macabre Death March Including All Species of Flora and Fauna


UN Expert: ‘Climate Apartheid’ Is Looming

The world is heading toward a scenario where wealthy people use their resources to evade environmental catastrophe while the poor suffer limited access to water, food and housing, according to U.N. expert Philip Alston. He anticipates that the poorer half of the world’s population will see the worst consequences, despite being responsible for only 10 percent of emissions. Even if current climate targets are met, Alston says, tens of millions will still slip into poverty.

What other consequences can we expect? Democracy itself could come under threat, as governments curb civil rights to cope with the crisis.

SOURCES:  UN News  /  New Atlas
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