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love as in service as in a gift as in love of all from anniversary of birth to ultimate end wherever we are presently

Love as in Service

As in a Gift

As in Love of all

From Anniversary of birth to ultimate end

Wherever we are presently


Image may contain: text that says 'We've been infected with this idea that love is an emotion only felt between two people. But love is universal. an energy. a contagious force. a gift. To offer money to a homeless man is to love. To save a worm from the sun is to love. To smile at a stranger is love. To be grateful, to be hopeful, to be brave, to be forgiving, to be proud, is to love. || a.r.lucas'

to offer sanctuary  to offer refuge  to be a holy place of hope and light


ma soeur  a  76  un peur de me aniversarie  68


Image may contain: Terese Loeb Kreuzer, smiling, closeup


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