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“Nothing About Us Without Us”

I was raised in a suburb of Philadelphia  by an actress and a social security lawyer.  Not too many people outside of my mentor and my father ever accepted me.  I was incorrigible  most of my life. Finally at age 48 I was diagnosed and treated at Jefferson Mental Health Center for Manic Depressive Disease, which I was affected by from birth. I attempted to commit suicide from 1995 through the advent of 9/11 when I was in a coma in I.C.U. in Denver and released the day before the tragedy.  There were 3,000 people who lost their lives and here I was wishing to die.  I had an awakening to the fact that life is more precious.  I have a way of life that I adopted:  to live as simply as possible, to have compassion for all, and to see that we share this world in equity, that if I cannot see myself as both student and teacher I am lost.  “Nothing About Us Without Us,” is my tag line.

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