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SOME of My Favorite Films – How They Live Perpetually in My Heart and Take Me Away

August 13, 2017
 Films     –    How They Live Perpetually in My Heart and Take Me Away
Favorites of All Time:  The Prince and the Pauper, Lawrence of Arabia, The Name of the Rose, Romeo and Juliet, The Book of Eli, Iliad and the Odyssey,  Grendel and Beowulf, Canterberries Tales, Rhapsody in August, 7 Samurai,  Invictus, Gandhi, The King, All the Mornings of the World, An Unfinished Life, Legends of the Fall, Proof, Amistad, As Good as It Gets, West Side Story, The Hobbit, Le Petite Prince, Walking With Dinosaurs, Appleby Capple, Floating Island, The Phantom Tollbooth, A Prince of Tides, Temple Grandin, All About My Mother, Don’t Come Knocking, Hours, Beauty and the Beast, Barabas, Incendies, Philadelphia, Look Homeward Angel, The Notebook, Weapons of the Spirit, Patch Adams, The Kingfisher, Rainmaker, Midnight Cowboy, ………….
“The Debaters”  true story regarding a college in Texas in 1933’s  Denzel
Ernest J. Gaines Books about the Quarter in Louisiana, “Gathering of Old Men.”  Lou Gossett Jr.  stars among others
He also made the film, “The Sky Is Grey”  and the beautiful story of Cicely Tyson, ” The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.”  
“The All American” about a student who played football from Wheat Ridge High School  –  1966’s  then played on the championship team of TSU:  and is permanently on the wall of the stadium.  The  Coach narrates the account of his all American.
I sent before:  
“All the Mornings of the World”  French based on an actual life of a degamba violist named Saint Colombe told by his prodigy Marin who captured all of his compositions, Tous Les Matins de Monde.  Pardieux played principle role of Marin 
“King of Masks”  Chinese film with cultural story of a street performer who takes in a girl who he thinks is a boy named Doogie.
“Central Station” regarding a kid on the streets who has never performed before with one of the most established Brazilian actresses.  
“Departures”  Japanese stringed instrument cellist  –  about his experience as an embalmer  music is breath taking story about a father reuniting with his son is beyond words
“I Loved You So Long,”  French  deeply troubling story of loss and heroic challenges
“The Magdalene Sisters,”  There are a few other documentaries this one uses the real people involved in the obsessive domination of young women and their off spring, which continued long into the 1960’s in America, Ireland, Britain and the rest of the British Isles.  2002 I attended the opening.
“The Crossing,”  Left off if you enjoy comedy and tragedy of Mexican borders  –  two entry level film makers made this classic of reuniting father who leaves to earn a living in Texas. 
If you enjoy chess this story of French woman who learns to play and becomes a champion grabs me,  “Queen to Play,” or Jueguese  made in 2009.
“Solas,”  Spanish  film made about a family especially the young woman who renews her life through a neighbor small town in rural Spain.
The works of Pedro Almodovar especially,  “All About My Mother,”  is a gripping tale of sexual freedom and exploitation around a death of a woman’s son.  Actresses in this include some great ones  Penelope Cruz is in the film but not the best of them.
“Don’t Come Knocking”  all of the work of Wim Wenders  German film maker  Paris, TexasMillion Dollar Hotel  there are so many more exceptional films. Again this one is about a father who finally realizes what he has been missing in his estranged relationship to everything especially his daughter and son – Jessica Lange is his ex-lover. and the famous actor Sam Shepherd, who just died is the protagonist.  He is in a lot of Wenders’ films.
My heart tugs for families, child actors, and dads who have lost their way – I also love heroic stories like the story of “Grendel and Beowulf,”  that goes back to the beginning of archetypes of savagery about beings who are not like us.
speaking of which, “
THE BOOK OF ELI  –  Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington  HEROIC  TALE

Thirty years after a nuclear apocalypse,[5] Eli (Denzel Washington) travels on foot toward the west coast of the former United States. Along the way he demonstrates uncanny survival and fighting skills, hunting wildlife and swiftly defeating a group of desert bandits who try to ambush him. Searching for water, he arrives in a ramshackle town rebuilt and overseen by Carnegie (Gary Oldman). Carnegie dreams of building more towns and of controlling the people by using the power of a certain book. His henchmen scour the desolate landscape daily in search of it, but to no avail.

In town he barters with a store owner, the Engineer (Tom Waits), to recharge the battery of his portable music player. While waiting, he goes across the street to the town bar, where a gang of bikers attack, but he quickly kills them all. Realizing Eli is a literate man like himself, Carnegie asks Eli to stay, making it clear that the offer is non-negotiable. After Carnegie’s blind mistress Claudia (Jennifer Beals) gives Eli some food and water, Carnegie orders Claudia’s daughter Solara (Mila Kunis) to seduce Eli, but he turns her down. While killing time, she finds his book. Unperturbed, Eli offers to share his food with her, and before they eat, he says grace. The following day, Solara repeats the prayer, but Carnegie overhears them and realizes Solara’s words relate to the book he has been seeking. He soon forces Solara to tell him if Eli was reading a book, and realizes Eli’s book is the one he wants—a Bible.

Eli sneaks out of his room and Carnegie has his henchmen shoot at Eli, but the bullets seemingly just graze him, as if he is being protected. Eli shoots most of Carnegie’s men and hits Carnegie in the leg with a shotgun blast. Solara, having left the town, leads Eli to a cave which is the town’s water supply, hoping she can accompany him on his travels. Eli traps her inside and continues on alone. Solara escapes and soon finds herself ambushed by two bandits who attempt to rape her, but Eli reappears and kills them. As they continue on, Eli explains his mission to Solara. According to Eli, his book is the last remaining copy of the Bible, as all other copies were intentionally destroyed following the nuclear war thirty years ago. He says he was led to the book by a voice in his head, which then directed him to travel westward to a place where it would be safe. The voice assured him that he would be protected and guided on his journey.

Eventually, Eli and Solara investigate an isolated house. They fall into a trap, but manage to allay the suspicions of the residents, George (Michael Gambon) and Martha (Frances de la Tour), who invite them in for tea. When Eli realizes that the couple are cannibals, they attempt to leave just as Carnegie and his henchmen arrive. In the ensuing shootout, George, Martha and many of Carnegie’s men are killed. Eli and Solara are captured. When Carnegie threatens to kill Solara, Eli surrenders the Bible, but Carnegie shoots him, and leaves him for dead. Solara escapes and drives back to help Eli. Rather than chase her, Carnegie returns to the town, since his sole remaining vehicle is running low on fuel. Solara finds Eli, and they drive until they reach the Golden Gate Bridge, and then row to Alcatraz Island, where they find a group intent on preserving what they can of literature and music. Eli tells the guards that he has a copy of the King James Version of the Bible. Once inside, Eli, revealed to be blind, begins to dictate the Bible from memory to Lombardi (Malcolm McDowell), the leader of the group.[6][5]

Meanwhile, back in the town, the Engineer opens the locked Bible where Carnegie discovers, to his dismay, that it is in Braille, and orders Claudia to read it to him. She pretends that she cannot remember how to read it, telling Carnegie his leg wound has become infected and his men have begun to run amok. At the sanctuary, Eli has died, but not before he finished reciting the entire book. The printing press at Alcatraz begins producing copies of the Bible, and Lombardi places one on a bookshelf between the Torah and Tanakh on one side and the Quran on the other. Solara, though offered sanctuary, chooses to return home, taking with her Eli’s sword and other possessions.


​made in 2009​
“Apocalyto,” of the rising empire of the Mayans is a dramatic and twisted story of subjugation.  When we see in our frailities in the primordial nature of our way of life that all cultures have been plagued and marked by extreme violence, slavery, domination, rape and torture we begin to realize that deep within our nature is beastiality that has never been quelled or resolved.
There are many others that cover the spectrum of human relations to the other, nature, to the unknown, to a world beyond that causes us to fear and keep to ourselves.  I love this tension between what is best for me and what is purely virulent and unchecked condemnation of anything different.
That is what I love about films like, “The Amistad,”  a true account of people being thwarted in their efforts to sustain their culture and way of life with extreme abuse and disdain for life.
films left off the list:
Prince of Tides
True Grit
Godwill Hunting
As Good as It Gets
One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest
Finding Forester
Legends of the Fall
The Magic of Belle Island
Along Came a Spider
The World’s Fastest Indian
Medicine Man
The Red Balloon
On the Waterfront
The Shining
Citizen Kane
Of Wine and Roses
Beyond the Sea
Life Is Beautiful
Deer Hunter
The Third Man
The Unforgiven
Battleship Potemkin
Incredible Lightness of Being
Bicycle Thieves
West Side Story
Wizard of Oz
Hoop Dreams
Bowling for Columbine

Absolute need for domination not compassion, not for love, not for collaborating with a soul Affluence That Compensated Conquest Mirror Mirror – Who Is the Richest of Them All

August 13, 2017

Affluence That Is Compensated by Conquest  –  Mirror  Mirror – Who Is the Richest of Them All  – and What For?


absolute need for domination not compassion, not for love, not for collaborating with a soul.


August 11, 2014 End of an End – Robin Williams

August 11, 2017

Slide 19 of 19: <p>On the evening of Aug. 11, 2014, news broke that the actor died of an apparent suicide at age 63. He'd checked back into rehab in July to "fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment," according to his rep, but as Williams told Good Morning America in 2006, addiction never ends. "It's just there," he said. "It lays in wait for the time when you think, 'It's fine now, I'm OK.' Then, the next thing you know, it's not OK."</p>


Slide 1 of 19: <p>Born July 21, 1951, to a former model and a Ford Motor Company executive, Chicago native Robin Williams began his showbiz career inside his own home, where he'd make his mother laugh by doing impressions of his grandmother, according to the AP.</p>


Are Peanuts In Any Form Good for You Peanuts insoluble and indigestible

August 11, 2017

Are Peanuts In Any Form Good For You?  NO –  NOT AT ALL  

especially for anyone suffering from any sort of digestive disorder


Are Peanuts Good For You?

We’ve been told since we were little kids that peanuts are a good source of protein and healthy fat and that they make a very smart afternoon snack. Whether it’s a peanut butterand jelly sandwich or sliced apple dipped in peanut butter, we’re convinced that we’re doing our bodies good by consuming the trusty peanut. 


You might want to leave behind everything you know about peanuts, though. Dr. Frank Lipman, physician and renowned expert in the field of integrative medicine, told POPSUGAR, “Peanuts, despite the name, are actually not a nut but a legume!” That distinction matters when it comes to our health, and here’s how. 

“Legumes naturally contain phytic acid and lectins, both of which can weak havoc on gut health,” Dr. Lipman said. “Digestive upset could show up symptomatically as issues with bowel movements, gas, and bloating, or in more severe cases, things like brain fog, anxiety, or depression, given the gut’s impact on neurotransmitters in the brain.”

It’s simply harder for the gut to break down phytic acid and lectins, so your body has to work much harder to process peanuts. Dr. Lipman explained that this kind of stress on your digestion could negatively impact your body’s immune system. He also pointed out that “90 percent of serotonin is produced in the gut,” and serotonin is the feel-good chemical in your brain that promotes good moods, sleep, and a healthy appetite. So if your gut is out of whack, your serotonin production will become imbalanced.

Dr. Lipman actually leaves peanuts out of the diets he creates with his clients. At the very least this will allow them to figure out whether there is a beneficial shift in their overall health. Additionally, anyone who suffers from “major gut-related issues, such as autoimmune conditions” is highly encouraged to steer clear of peanuts entirely. 

If you have any digestive issues whatsoever and you’re a big peanut eater, it might be a good idea to eliminate peanuts from your diet for a while. If you suffer from strange mood swings or cravings or you have trouble sleeping, you could benefit from cleaning up your diet by nixing peanuts.

If your heart sinks when you simply think about life without peanut butter, know that there are great alternatives. “There are so many other actual nuts and seeds that are good sources of healthy fat and fiber in the diet,” Dr. Lipman said. “There are many different versions of nut butters now, so you can easily make a healthy and delicious swap instead of peanut butter.”

Whatever nuts and seeds you do choose to eat, Dr. Lipman recommends you consume them in raw or dry-roasted form, free of salt, sugar, and processed oils. If you still have trouble digesting them, “they can be soaked to help the body digest them more efficiently.”

Video: Eat Peanuts To Help Your Heart, Says Peanut Institute (Wochit News)


Role of Women in Our Herstory Indicates What We’ve Always Known – Their Role Has Always Been Fundamental in Leadership and as Bearer’s of All of Us

August 11, 2017

Role of Women in Our Herstory Indicates What We’ve Always Known – Their Role Has Always Been Fundamental in Leadership and as Bearer’s of All of Us

Huge Ancient Statue of Iron Age Goddess Discovered

© Provided by IBT MediaExcavations in southeastern Turkey have uncovered a massive 3,000-year-old statue that is believed to have depicted either an Iron age goddess or political leader, partially destroyed in what appears to have been a ritual act of iconoclasm.


The archaeological team, led by researchers from the University of Toronto, unearthed the statue, which would have originally stood 16 feet in height, at a site in Tayinat, Turkey, not far from the country’s border with Syria. The remains of the statue, just over 3.5 feet long and 2.2 feet wide, are carved in a reddish basalt stone.

Its remnants are well preserved but the face and chest have been intentionally destroyed, leading the archaeologists to believe the statue may have been defaced in antiquity in a ritual act.

“Her striking features include a ring of curls that protrude from beneath a shawl that covers her head, shoulders and back,” Timothy Harrison, professor of near eastern archaeology in the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto, said.

“The statue was found face down in a thick bed of basalt stone chips that included shard-like fragments of her eyes, nose and face, but also fragments of sculptures previously found elsewhere within the gate area. That parts of these monumental sculptures have been found deposited together, suggests there may have been an elaborate process of interment or decommissioning as part of their destruction,” he added.

The statue was found within a monumental gate complex that would have provided access to the upper citadel of Kunulua—later Tayinat—the capital of the Iron Age Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Patina (A.D. 1000-738 B.C). The site is approximately 75 kilometres west of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The identity of the female figure has not yet been determined, but the archaeological teamhas some ideas. It is possible that she is either a representation of Kubaba, divine mother of the gods of ancient Anatolia or a politically important leader.

The ancient female carving shows the reverence for women within the Neo-Hittite society at the time. “The discovery of this statue raises the possibility that women played a more prominent role in the political and religious lives of these early Iron Age communities than the existing historical record might suggest,” Harrison added.

Berry on Being Without a Permanent Place to Rest

August 10, 2017

Halle Berry Opens Up About Living in a N.Y.C. Homeless Shelter: ‘That Was Rough’

Mike Miller
Halle Berry Opens Up About Living in a N.Y.C. Homeless Shelter

Halle Berry says living in a homeless shelter at the start of her career helped make her become the woman she is today.

The Oscar winner, 50, opened up about the experience on TheJess Cagle Interview with PEOPLE’s editor-in-chief, where she was on hand to promote her new film Kidnap, an action-packed thriller about a mother’s mission to save her kidnapped child.

“That was rough,” Berry said. “Some fine hours.”

When she first moved to the city, Berry explained that she had some money in her pocket from a modeling gig — but she soon learned that cash doesn’t go a long way in the Big Apple.

“I mean three months later, I was out of my cash,” she explained. “I called my mother and asked her to send me some money, and she said no, and that subsequently led to a year of not speaking to her because I was so upset that she wouldn’t help me.”

Now, looking back on her mom’s tough love, Berry said, “That’s probably one of the best things she did for me … She said, ‘If you want to be there, then you work it out.’ And I had to work it out.”

Despite the hardship, the actress said, “Giving up was never an option.”

She added, “It was prove to her and everybody else. It took me right back to my high school years. ‘You say I can’t, watch me. I’m going to figure this out.’ And shelter life was part of figuring it out for a minute until I could get a waitressing job. Then I got a bartending job, and until I could figure that out, that’s what I did.”

Berry’s latest film Kidnap is in theaters now.

An Ocean of Silence Has Filled My Life Every waking Moment from Inception

August 9, 2017

An Ocean of Silence drowning me Every Waking Moment forming a  sea wall a foaming Under side of  hallowed memorials to battles forged deep within   conscious ground of a sling blade removing all presence of life