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randle’s prognosis a week before Thanksgiving 2016

this is the circumstances of my release tomorrow at 2: I am being discharged with coumadin, lasix, coureg, and all of this with a swollen left knee and many issues that have not been resolved. They have not taken off enough fluids that are compromising breathing and therefore they cannot do several procedures to repair the mitral valve, They also could not burn or cauterize the tip of the heart to stop quivering. They cannot do this unless there is no chance of a blood clot which means that I have to be monitored and take coumadin for some time to lessen the risk. They could not entertain open heart surgery but they stated that the muscle is not pumping with a lub dub and the blood pools. The heart is misshapen as a result of permanent damage. I have to be very clear that I AM ill and that I have to be careful because they went as far as they could in 5 days and decided that at this time any other procedure like restoring regular heart rhythm is not recommended. I will have to be off blood thinners to have a knee operation in time. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR LOVING CARE AND RESPONSES YOU MAKE ME FEEL SPECIALLY EMBRACED WITH YOU EACH OF YOU AND I WILL NOT FORGET YOUR LOVING AND The STAFF whO went all beyond usual customary approaches to care for me THANK YOU!

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