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We need people to work in the office.  We need people to answer the switchboard.  We need people to work on grants and opportunities.  We need editors for the resource guide. We need speakers for the speaker’s bureau.  We need people to research and connect with people who live on the edge in the community.  If you have skills intechnology, in building data bases, in testifying and working on legislation we need you.


We also need an artist to develop design and offer the plans to the State Assembly.  We need a committee to raise the revenue and present the archectural plans to the Building and Grounds Committee.  We need to design the plaque to go on the bench of the homeless person in the snow storm, and a plan for maintenance of the memorial.


We are always searching for places to go and suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Mohanad Faredh permalink
    May 25, 2012 2:20 am

    I Will Love To Be volunteer I Can Work hard Hours With Out One Dollar For The Teenagers That Filling The Streets, Yesterday The Weather Was A Hell In Denver Really Bad And These Teenagers In The Streets That’s Break My Heart

    I Life IN Denver Colorado
    I Will Love To Start Work RIGHT NOW
    Rescue These Young Youth From The BAD Life
    My Number Is: 3039602955. Call Me Any Time ANY Time

    Please These Teenagers Need Help Today After Tomorrow

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