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Colorado Social Legislative Committee CSLC – 2017 Legislative Session

August 26, 2016

CSLC   Colorado Social Legislative Committee   –  2017  Legislative Session

Tuesday  October  4  Augustana Lutheran Church    4 to 8 pm   second floor

P.O. Box 300165

Denver Colorado  80203



Friday, August 26, 2016

St Paul’s Lutheran Church

1601 Grant St


9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.




9:00     Arrival and Networking


9:15     Introductions and Overview of the Day (Chaer)


9:30     Review of 2016 Programs (Peter)  programs  at 1st Baptist Church Mondays  12 noon to 1:15 pm 

enero 11  hospital provider fee,  

enero 25 Legislative Outlook for parents and families,

febrero 1  End of Life Options,

2/8  Building Racial Justice,

2/22  making early childhood count,

2/29  housing issues of 2016,  

3/7    criminal justice and prisons,

3/14   transparency in privatized services for people with disabilities,

3/21   retirement aging issues, Rich Mauro  DRCOG 

3/28   putting kids first  K-12 Education ,  Sen Johnston School Finance Act  inequality  rich districts – impoverished districts less $

4/4    conservation and the environment,  Elena Moderated  fracking OIL AND GAS

4/11   women’s health,  

4/18   pay equity fair wages, Bridget – Chaer – PIED bills  work opportunity tax credit – 

4/25   right to VOTE access, challenges, ELENA  Sec. of  State BFF  Wayne Williams –  personable Contrast between Scott K.  registering people to vote in Aurora  Su Ryden How  MANY diverse 

 5/2   media panel covering 2016 session,  rural metro print media  digital blogging John Frank  dying  social media transferring  be prepared to go around the media  –  BETTER TIMING to do this before the end of the legislative session

5/9   LOOKING AHEAD  –  a little weird  –  laissez-faire  –  hard to plan  –  PARTY HEARTY


topic  is essential    and personal relationships  building  connections with any representative


9:45     Review of 2016 Legislative Endorsements (Diane  –   Chris)


HB 1002 Parent Involvement

Peg Ackerman  HB 1090 finders fees McCann  passed

HB 1096  return to home owner  Pied

HB 1227  Childhood Assistance  –  PASSED

HB 1328  statutory provisions restraint seclusion  passed  sponsored Lambert and Lundberg

1371 multiple methods for tax return  –  PIED

1388  timing of                                             PIED

1111 ID VOTING Common Cause  OPPOSED and PIED


65      restitution interest rate     PASSED


endorsements mean anything at all  –  Betty Boyd will talk to the efficacy of the endorsements


ONLY MEMBERS CAN ASK FOR ENDORSEMENT and only members can vote




10:00   Review of 2016 Finances (Nan)  Treasurer  Rebekka Struik hole in Aorta recovering – Douglas Wayland –  his sister moved in Hospice in Florida  –  day to day  about family  and his  –  Jennifer Corrigan  Tony Larson  returning in Vietnam,  

AUGUST 26  July 1 to June 31 fiscal year.  New fiscal year starting in August.  new banner Doug restored:  print shop  added new logo, “Working to make a better colorado”  $5,058.58  balance for the year.  current year and goes down  bank balance is going down  savings account closed – receipts from individuals organizations  deficit for the first time in the RED, lunches are more expensive,  new banner, sound system, attorney  file for 501(C) 4   $400.00 one time expense,  Interfaith Alliance never billed for our half of the luncheon  –  no  referral for   –  expenses not income  significant drop from organizational members. fluctuates with individuals –  declined in organizational memberships,  

$1,080.00 organizational members  $1,830.00 in the past


9/10  we did not do a Fall forum – $800.00 expenses are constant annually.  never increased dues  considering organizational rates –  in need scholarships –   current dues  $15  individuals  $30  groups  $5  student and indigent people,  scholarships still exist,  OLDER PEOPLE  –  decrease income  –  INCREASING MEMBERS  –  # fewer members there were 36 this year –  raise dues  $25.00   –  also marketing  plays a large part of this issue  –  $50  organizations,  donation appeals for what?    many people write checks for higher $


planning committe  sign in   give away  enrollment  – public relations  – advertising  –  raising consciousness  –  


membership action committee  –  addressing the whole perspective –  propose go to work increasing members  –   CSLC IS SIGNIFICANT  WAYLAND branding


First Baptist Church  costs  $600.00 rent for the space  donation to the church  –    First Baptist Church  in the Fall we meet with them.


Spring Institute:   the Japanese Society  –  the Cafe  –  this is where they raise income


expenses are stationary   –  receipts are less  out reach articulate the value of the organization  relationship with one another asking people phone bank  personal contact.  36 organizations  –  52 members  owing money  –  compare rosters  – send out a letter targeting to VOA  miss you coming back as organizational members  targeted soliciting of others  –  take off the members who are delinquent –


CHIP  executive committee third friday  – September  16   identifying which organizations are not paid up  consolidate our lists  COLORADO COFFEE PARTY  –  a reaction to the  TEA Party,  among us we can follow up  who is doing membership  come back we miss you  –   Bayaud Enterprises  paid as a sponsor  –  not on the list  –  

memberships and forum are at the same time  deadline for the directory  not useful  dues are due by end of the calendar year.


tiered system

10:30   Legislative Awards Slate Review (Diane)

Irene Aguilar  HB 38  135

Beth Martinez Humenic 1103  mental health  1362 license plates transfer Respite Care employer accommodations Health Insurance Exchange  suicide prevention


Majority Leader  minority  leader  Lucia Guzman    Mark Sheffel  termed  – DAVID SKAGGS


HOUSE 4 people:  Rankin and  Millie Hamner  JBC  worked together   –  CHILDREN’s Campaign


1066 domestic  violence   

Kim Roupe concerns about her  record  –  Tony Exom  running against her 

providers fee House Bill  –  

Su Ryden  election bills ballot returns  update bill chair of state affairs and veterans  stopped a lot of bills that were onerous life time achievements 

Rhonda  Fields  more a politician

she lost her seat in Aurora  –  Primary  

Betty Proctor   – Helping Hearts and Hands  Jeffco Action Center –  Betty Proctor FUND  –  September  22nd   take Betty to almuerzo

10:50   Fall Forum Update

Augustana Lutheran Church  potentially 9  ballot measures  League of Women Voters and Blue Book  October 4  at 4  to 8 pm  –  vice presidential debate    at  7 pm in Virginia

69  health care ColoradoCare +  get the Governor  on opposing side

72 raise the bar

71 end of life

Raise the Bar opposed by Common Cause

tobacco tax 73

SCF 3  only state-wide ballot ballot measures

Minimum Wages 70


Presidential Primary

Unaffiliated voters





local issues for each county and jurisdiction


count me in  initiative   –    special effort   bottom up    about ballot issues    


one other issue is  how difficult  it is to vote  every voter gets the mail ballot  minimum # of drop off boxes  – JUST VOTE  

non partisan    voting areas.    



11:10   Nominating Committee Recommendations   –  divided who would contact who  –  

  • Lauren Schreier,    
  • Jennifer Corrigan,
  • Dave DeLay,
  • Elena Nunez,
  • Nan Morehead,
  • Bill Hanna,  
  • Doug Wayland,
  • Rebekka Struik,
  • Chip Streyer,
  • Diane Rich,
  • Peter Severson,  
  • Toni Larson,  –
  • Chris Grant
  • Kay Bengston
  • Lauren Schreier
  • Betty Boyd
  • Hal Wright – business working with families with people with disabilities  financial planner



OFFICERS:  Peter Severson CHAIR

                       TONI LARSON  VICE CHAIR

                       Treasurer  – NAN MOREHEAD

                       Secretary  –   Elena  Nunez 


                      Legislative Co-Chairs Diane and 

                      MEMBERSHIP Chair  –     make contacts   

  WE NEED NEW  YOUNGER REPRESENTATIVES –  MEMBERSHIP ASKS WITH TREASURER MORE VISIBLE  how do we do out reach to people who used to be members  student populations   legislative aides  promote what we do and what we have to offer. several people are needed to do this job well  three people one contact person  how to do outreach   MEMBERSHIP  COMMITTEE SAMANTHA ,  BILL HANNA,  _______-

strategies to reach low-income people who are available  all volunteer  ELENA’s  question 



2020 census will begin in October  Doug Wayland  12 states a lot of traveling

11:30   Brainstorm for 2014 Programs (All)



changes in voting policies and registration


criminal justice closing private prisons

Ban the Box

PAY Equity






Strategic Action Planning on Aging










closing social security

46th in signing up for SNAP






Human Services Network  One World Advocacy









Higher Education

School Finance Act

Mike Johnston is running for Governor


Bridges Out of Poverty  AHa 

Hunger Free Colorado  Kate Blackford


foundation for accountability

personal responsibility for end of poverty 


working  employment services


two party systems


affordable housing


trauma  trauma care


media  suppression of stories


environmental issues  fracking  and whatever  health and design


universal living wages


health care access rural health care  less choices and much higher costs


movement of people to urban growth boundaries


whiter and grayer  moving because there is nothing for people  no water resources  Olathe  has whatever they seem to need


dying  communities revitalization of local areas


war on rural Colorado


work force development areas


CCLP  adequacy of notices –  HCPF  MEDICAID  notices that you are disqualified





mental illness

traumatized citizens

people living in public places


Immigration Reform






12:30   Increasing Membership and Outreach  BILL HANNA   –    Samantha    $25.00 /  $50.00   raise the revenues  organizations


by-laws  did they ever exist  relatively   new


charge for tables at the Forum  could be a revenue source

banner ads on the WEB PAGE  FACEBOOK PAGE


CO-sponsor  of the Forum be a membership


build organizational members

Benefits of membership:


working together    across the membership  

vote on legislative positions  

being listed as a member


always  a member of a group like a church

Constant Contact  networking strategies  $20.00 monthly

teach people about the legislative process

such nice welcoming  friendly  people

source right at state capitol area in the middle of the fray

not employed at all who can participate  

aren’t attending a blurb about what we are doing and what happened a month in advance

people can recommend programs

invite members  to support an issue  send this to legislators

mentoring  on how to  how a bill becomes a law


food for thought for the membership committee

Does it matter that we take a position?













12:50   Role of CSLC in the Future
1:50     Other Business

Nan –  Betty  – Elena – David D – Chaer  – Kay  – Bill  – Chris  –  ME  –  CHIP STRYER   –  Diane R.  –  Peter Severson  –  CHRIS GRANT  CCLP  –  Nelson Bock  Samantha  Kopf   INTERN Urban Semester  Wartburg  earning PhD  Minnesota  drug reform health assessment  research assistant – DOUG WAYLAND     just arrived for LUNCH




Mis Padres Frederick and Elise – Long Long Ago They Died – But they Are Always in My Heart

August 26, 2016

Mis Padres  –  Elise Betty Kauders and Frederick Loeb 


August 26. This day is alway freighted for me. On this day, 75 years ago, my parents, Elise and Frederick Loeb, were married in Florence, South Carolina. This photograph was taken around the time of their wedding, but I believe it was not taken on their wedding day. They eloped. My mother said that she and my father were married by a judge in the parlor of his house, and that he had a little Scottie dog.



Discernment – It is in the shelter of each other that we all dwell

August 26, 2016

what bothers me more and more about the efficacy of campaigns and perspectives of “TRUTH,” at all costs, is that it obfuscates the fact that we are distinct and that our journeys are personal, complex and not the same by any means. Talking about the truth of homeless people being outside and living in public places without discernment forgets that, “in the shelter of each other we all dwell.”
Pope Calls on Jesuits to Teach Discernment
Aug 25 2016 – 2:01pm | Cindy Wooden – Catholic News Service
A World Youth Day pilgrim becomes emotional as a priest hears her confession at Sacred Heart Church in Krakow, Poland, July 28. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)
When it comes to the Christian life, too many seminaries teach students a rigid list of rules that make it difficult or impossible for them as priests to respond to the real-life situation of those who come to them seeking guidance, Pope Francis said.
“Some priestly formation programs run the risk of educating in the light of overly clear and distinct ideas, and therefore to act within limits and criteria that are rigidly defined a priori, and that set aside concrete situations,” the pope said during a meeting with 28 Polish Jesuits in Krakow during World Youth Day.
The Vatican did not publish details of the pope’s meeting July 30 with the Jesuits, but—with Pope Francis’ explicit approval—a transcript of his remarks to the group was published in late August by Civilta Cattolica, a Jesuit journal reviewed at the Vatican prior to publication.
According to the transcript, the pope asked the Jesuits to begin an outreach to diocesan seminaries and diocesan priests, sharing with them the prayerful and careful art of discernment as taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.
“The church today needs to grow in the ability of spiritual discernment,” the pope told the Polish Jesuits.
In his spiritual exercises, St. Ignatius provided steps for helping people recognize—or discern—where God is working in their lives and what draws them closer to God or pushes them further from God. For St. Ignatius, knowing what is moral and immoral is essential, but knowing what is going on in people’s lives helps identify practical ways forward.
Without “the wisdom of discernment,” the pope said in Krakow, “the seminarians, when they become priests, find themselves in difficulty in accompanying the life of so many young people and adults.”
“And many people leave the confessional disappointed. Not because the priest is bad, but because the priest doesn’t have the ability to discern situations, to accompany them in authentic discernment,” the pope said. “They don’t have the needed formation.”
While some laypeople also are called to provide spiritual direction, priests are more often “entrusted with the confidences of the conscience of the faithful,” so seminarians and priests particularly need to learn discernment.
“I repeat, you must teach this above all to priests, helping them in the light of the exercises in the dynamic of pastoral discernment, which respects the law but knows how to go beyond,” the pope said.
“We need to truly understand this: in life not all is black on white or white on black,” he said. “The shades of grey prevail in life. We must them teach to discern in this gray area.”
Pope Francis did not mention his apostolic exhortation on the family, “The Joy of Love,” in his talk with the Jesuits in Krakow, but the document repeatedly referred to the importance of discernment for families and for their spiritual guides.
Father Salvador Pie-Ninot, a Spanish professor of ecclesiology, wrote in the Vatican newspaper Aug. 24 that the pope referred to the need for discernment 35 times in the exhortation.
Especially when dealing with individual Catholics who have been divorced and civilly remarried, Pope Francis wrote, discernment recognizes that, “since the degree of responsibility is not equal in all cases, the consequences or effects of a rule need not necessarily always be the same. Priests have the duty to accompany (the divorced and remarried) in helping them to understand their situation according to the teaching of the church and the guidelines of the bishop.”

Senatora Aguilar discute la pena de Cuidado de Salud de Colorado y la Semana de Abuso del oficiales del Goviero y Activistas Sin Entendimiento de Verdad

August 22, 2016

Sen. Irene Aguilar discusses ColoradoCare’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week

Sen. Irene Aguilar discusses ColoradoCare’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad weekIrene Aguilar is an idealist. But she’s no fool. The state senator from Denver long has realized it’s “a long shot” that ColoradoCare – the universal health care plan she has been pushing for seven years – will pass in November.

“I don’t care if we win or lose,” she told The Colorado Independent in the spring. “The system, as is, is so disgusting to me, I just want to get my message out about the need to fix it.”

Aguilar admits that Amendment 69’s chances of passing grew even slimmer last week when prominent Democrats and even the liberal group ProgressNow Colorado joined corporate interests in opposing the measure.

“I’m bruised,” she said Friday. “But they poked a snake.”

Aguilar’s commitment to universal health care is both professional and personal. She’s a primary care physician whose many years at Denver Health Medical Center gave her a close look at what happens when treatable conditions go ignored because patients have no health coverage. And, after a high-risk pregnancy in 1994, she gave birth to twins who spent six weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit. The $1.5 million hospital bill would have bankrupted her family had it not been for their insurance plan.

Health care should be a right, she says, not a luxury. That’s what propelled her into the state Senate in 2010.

Aguilar has used her seat to fight for Colorado to become the first state to pass a single-payer health insurance program. When that fight fizzled in the legislature, she and other proponents opted for the direct-democracy route, collecting enough signatures by last November to qualify the amendment for this November’s ballot.

The health care and hospitality industries have sunk at least $3.7 million into killing the measure. Republicans have used ColoradoCare as a wedge issue, deriding not only Democrats who support it, but also those who stayed neutral. Governor John Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, both Democrats, have cited fiscal reasons for coming out against the measure. And in July, NARAL – Colorado’s leading pro-choice group ­– opposed Amendment 69 for potentially impeding abortions in the state.

Aguilar says she never expected a big cheering section, but had hoped her fellow Democratic state lawmakers would at least stay neutral. Yet, in a year when Dems are trying to hold on to the state House and take back the state Senate, candidates from that party – especially those in tight races – have over the past several weeks come out in opposition. Most notable was a one-two punch last Wednesday when House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran and ProgressNow Colorado opposed the amendment by saying it could gut the state budget and hurt working families.

Wednesday’s anti-69 press conference came as a blow to the ColoradoCare movement and to Aguilar personally. Here’s what she had to say afterward:

Colorado Independent: The headlines suggest your party has deserted you. Do you see it that way?

Sen. Aguilar: I’m hesitating because it boils down to what you think of as “your party.” Is my party the people or is my party the elected officials? Because we went through the process of getting this issue on the platform committee and getting it on the Colorado Democratic Party platform, I feel like the activist Dems have not deserted me – not at all. Instead, the elected officials have abandoned their constituents, at least on the issue of health care, which Coloradans want addressed. What we see here are Democrats caving in to the extensive lobbying efforts of insurance companies who want this measure to go away.

Colorado Independent: When you spoke with us in the spring, you called Amendment 69 a “long shot.” After your recent setbacks, where do you now put the measure’s chances of passing?

Sen. Aguilar: Frankly, with the vim and vigor they’ve put into this opposition campaign, I‘m thinking if we win over 35 percent of the votes, we won. I guess I’m an eternal optimist.

Colorado Independent: Who, after so many Dems have come out in opposition, are you thinking will support ColoradoCare at this point? And how do presidential politics figure in, if at all?

Sen. Aguilar: When Sen. (Bernie) Sanders left the race, I said to my colleagues that my concern was apathy on the part of the people because there would be nothing on the ballot of interest to them. ColoradoCare had the potential to be that something. I saw it as a place for the Bernie people to put their energy now that Bernie isn’t there. It still could be. There are people making efforts to get him out here personally to campaign for us.

…Besides, of all the election years to try something way out there, this is it. People are pissed. People have lost total trust in government to the point of electing Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. After all these politicians have come out speaking against us, I think we have a chance to make some people who wouldn’t otherwise like us actually embrace this idea. It could happen. I think it’s all pretty unpredictable.

Colorado Independent: Has there been talk about pulling the measure off the ballot?

Sen. Aguilar: Yes, there have been some discussions. We did sit down to talk about six weeks ago about what it would take to pull it. People need to realize that this is a measure put on the ballot by a lot of everyday citizens – activists who worked hard on this issue. And the answer from those citizens is there is nothing that would make them pull it at this point. It’s too important  … And I, personally, stand behind that decision.

Colorado Independent: There’s some concern among people who favor universal health care but think this was the wrong year to push it, that a trouncing at the polls this year will discourage anyone from floating the idea in the future. Do you think there could be that kind of chilling effect? And, if so, do you feel responsible for causing it?

Sen. Aguilar: Yes, I absolutely think there will be a chilling effect. ProgressNow managed, all by itself, to achieve that chilling effect this week.

Colorado Independent: Given that you seem pretty resigned to the likelihood of Amendment  69’s defeat in November, how do you keep getting up every day to campaign for it?

Sen. Aguilar: Morally, I know I’m right. I subjected myself to politics in the first place to try to make this happen. I’ll sleep well at night knowing I gave it everything I had.

Colorado Independent: Last time we talked, you referred to your work on ColoradoCare as “an education.” What have your learned?

Sen Aguilar: You don’t get to be a multi-million-dollar corporation by being a bunch of idiots. Corporations pay millions of dollars for consultants to figure out the best way to get people to undermine themselves. And they’ve very effective. At some sick level, I admire the games they play because they’re just so clever and they’re so smart. They’re part of that whole thing that’s happening in our society where they get people to vote against their own best interests.

Colorado Independent: What’s next for you after ColoradoCare?

Sen. Aguilar: I need to get on the bandwagon against Citizens United (the U.S. Supreme Court ruling prohibiting the government from restrictingindependent political expenditures by non-profit groups, unions trade organizations and corporations). There’s no question, after all this, that it needs to be overturned.

[Photo courtesy of Irene Aguilar]


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“Shirrh – YES” The Hands holding the heart from the hearth of our memory forged in relation to those who follow

August 20, 2016

“Shirrh – YES” The Hands holding the heart from the hearth of our memory forged in relation to those who follow


“The hands holding the heart” balance between compassion and passion always we are called on to listen to the heart” strike a balance between compassion and passion always we are called on to listen and without approval or judgement we hold the other in our heart as one – It is is the shelter of one another that we all dwell – since we first appeared and from the point when we are dust in the wind as this contiguous longing to create home





Ruth I:16.  and I will follow you wherever you go for your people will be my people and we will dwell together as one family for good

Ruth 1:16 (OJB) And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy  ………………         life and nature will fulfill all my desires


Ruth 1:16 (OJB) And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy G-d shall be Elohai;



CAHPS Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System MDHI regional housing summit

August 17, 2016

Coordinated Entry and Discharge Planning  FAMILIES 


DAY   2    of the CAHPS  Conference  jueves


LIndi got burritos  and everyone is stuffed.


we put up priorities for planning after the scoring of families for housing


each person had to place a word on a note and put it up on a board


There are about 30 people who are kibbitzing


Rand is always extrapolating some amazing  statistics


young person pushed out  for housing purposes 


2017  $ for navigator and navigators  2 FTE


Adult system        –      significant support   already for your clients


Denver Health  see homeless people a lot social workers


document ready  in school system




BREAK  work groups  1.    assessment

                                             2.   prioritization

                                              3.     process


1 step for @  sticky note



one hour for each committee to work


who will carry this work forward  at @ group


outcomes measured


work plan who are the entities who need to be engaged in this process?




Assessment  REBECCA  process of testing out


Prioritization  with Angela   –    





Lindi is introducing the work ahead with a history lesson about the services that are available.


ALL CoC’s are required to have coordinated entry and vulnerability indices

 Emergency Family Assistance   Association  E.F.A.A.    Lindi is hosting this.  MDHI  as it is stated has  a host of representatives who are here.  listening sessions   with Family Promise and Volunteers of America,  navigator    modeled  after Bridges out of poverty




beneficial  case managers and support staff and public benefits


Melanie Lewis  Dickerson:     Community Solutions  


Gary  Sanford  will be speaking  people are introducing themselves:


single adults has been amazing”   400  individuals 

complicated CoC


7 counties 40+  jurisdictions   several housing authorities


Rebecca Mayer will be speaking


homeless  people is a top priority


collaborating working together   community  coming together Colfax Community Network   crock pots  shipping them around the nation


lost three projects for families  Sarah  STRIDE   scooped up the families   85 families run by stride


around the region  and the state in  64 counties


Trauma in all of its forms must be addressed.


Individual Coordinated Assessments:  


family  meetings 


who is brand new  never have been here before  no wrong door  25 cities  ending homeless  of veterans


Deputy Director  Ms Mayer:  my my my.





CAHPS     –   regional client centered  


Is H.O.P.E. of Longmont  involved with Briarwood there?  Edwina Salazar.


remember Bray Patrick-Lake  


professional marketing project  marketing plan to change the branding  slogans  tag lines and logos   they made presentations.  


increase to 24 million dollars and MILE HIGH UNITED WAY  FOR A coordinator  two mobile assessment positions  mobile assessment with 2-1-1.


deploying people as soon as it is possible


NOVEMBER 3 Project Homeless Connect 15


moving from a pilot to a sustained and fully staffed agency


Melanie Lewis Dickerson:  Goals and Objectives:


Renee is doing this support from Denver’s Road Home



Prioritization POLICY



Data infrastructure tracking housing placement and create a family by name list






context setting  and what this means assessment tools


prevents people from being lost in the system.


working with the school systems regionally  how to make in roads in the community where children are most likely to be identified



Tucson  school liaison  we must bring in all of the partners  places where people are living and how they are living


shrink things down  a lot of time for additional conversation  this is not about $





Keith Singer  definition of homelessness  household 18 and younger.  


traveller youth here for doing drugs  drawn here for working in the marijuana industry


people who refuse to be involved in service delivery


Youth some are under  different categories  18 to 24 year olds.

Voices of Youth  over 100 people at the Crossroads using the shelter!


progressive  insurance  –   


E.J. Becker  Aurora Mental Health  CENTER  PATH PROGRAM


there was once a time when there was no one who was without a place to live in Aurora


Share the information  Comitis  vouchers  to be housed temporarily  wiped out all of the emergency housing along Colfax. 


25  cities  bonus project  clinical case manager  housing families in Aurora.  Aurora Warms the Night not open always  who is most vulnerable?


Who has access to housing  higher functioning people generally can get inside and learn to maintain their housing


or where there is a shared network like Lima Haus was for the Volunteers of America


peer mentors and community building  partnerships


helps me to deal with the complexities of helping people be safe


providers have to do more  here is a resource go out and get housed.  hard to do  for anyone.


Leadership Team       many of those who are here are among members of he leadership team.


Assessment Tool  Ian  Renee  Veteran’s Service


senior manager to provide services at VOA  search grant and resource grant  end veteran homeless circumstances  MISSY  MISCH  meeting every monday for 2 years.  


vulnerability changes with these changes that are made in the place of ending homeless issues for families and people who have been military personnel.


Renee       about the assessment tool  how we are going to test the tool for families





Linda is here an expert of all time


not debating the questions what is the survey asking for to develop a SPDAT for families


she is reading the tool  and it is Way  too complex  41 complex issues that are EXTREMELY Personal  how can that interviewer expect to be able to make a difference in this situation?  


or if they understand the assessment survey?  


method to the madness


cultural competency of the questions    IAN and his team


it is a long long survey that people are being asked to answer truthfully and openly


they are breaking into groups at the moment  and taking on sections of this assessment  which are daunting no matter what you’re considering.


HOUSING AND FAMILIES  around testing the family VI SPDAT 










heavily focused on ages 10 to 13 years of age.  Second Wind Fund suicide prevention  –  in all schools throughout the region.


family who have lost children  a support network for grieving families.


also  through alcohol anonymous is  the program of anonymous   ALLANON  –  TALKING CIRCLE – other specific support systems for people of color who have no relationship to the White people’s analysis of what is up.  


real time  data  will building


these measurements are different foer diverse cultures and idioms because there are different ways that different ways that people look at the world


peer mentors and youth who have been trained to offer the assessment


first communities to look at families




family homeless is a different data set than anyone else


questions that were not on here that are not here and how we prioritize these services


localized protective service and information  pervasive  HERE in Colorado


public schools will never participate in this


immigration and refugees  language is a huge effort in Aurora   cultural IDIOM  family community safety networks


SPRING INSTITUTE:         identify as being without a place to live!  


family shelters  have to bounce around


Brandon House Closed and Catholic Worker House burned to the ground


definition of family  –  dig deeper  shared family living arrangements


Kippi mentioned FRC’s     Dept of Education   


strong tool  buy in    end family homelessness    


identify the stakeholders                in 100 DAYS  who are the stakeholders   finalizing the assessment locations


Linda B. said that she’d end family homelessness in the next 100 days


ACTION PLAN  working groups for this 100 day   period  initial period  data  – whatever else


target  dates  how often will they meet  who can sign up for the steps


prioritization for assessment  # OF ORGANIZATIONS


# of organizations and type of  organizations


good #  have certain # of assessments


test this with one group in each county with one social service provider


put everyone in this room out of  business in 100 days.


come here and get housed     – not the reality  more expectations that are unrealistic 


5,000  VI SPDATS  housed 500 people


TRAUMA CARE  perspectives   environmental scan of the families


work group   roll out #  who is at the table  see how we can do  to house people in a realistic way


ANGEL  was just before  now Rebecca M.  common data mechanism where we need more resources.  no families that this is the way to get a place to live. House  agencies  limited # of sites  identify organizations that do not have a developed service delivery already.   4 to 6 agencies regionally for pilot


Melanie is now speaking  


how do we know if we are successful


testing is regional  high emphasis on   common ground



Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 8:30 AM
– to –
Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM (MDT)

VOA Veteran Service Center
1247 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204

View Map


Please join MDHI as we expand the Denver Metro Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHPS) to serve families with children. We invite you to join us for a one and a half day facilitated planning session with a goal of creating a concrete plan and action steps for the next 100 days.


What: Family Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHPS) Retreat
When: Wednesday, August 17 from 8:30am to 5pm AND Thursday, August 18 from8:30am to Noon
Where: Volunteers of America, Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center, 1247 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204 – First Floor Meeting Room
Coffee, water, bagels, or pastries will be served both days. Coffee has been graciously donated by The Molecule Effect and lunch will be served on Wednesday also provided by The Molecule Effect.

Please arrive at 8:30am for coffee and pastries before the work session begins at 9am.



What are my parking options for the event?

You may park in VOA’s lot to the south of the building. You may also park in the Bark and Play business lot to the north of the building, in spaces 4 through 28 only. If you park in the lot to the north (King Soopers side) please make sure 1) your space is numbered between 4 and 28, and 2) you go into Bark and Play and get a pass to place on your dash. They have been kind enough to allow us to park there for our planning retreat.


What is the last day to register for this event?

Registration will cap at 50 attendees for each day, so please register early. The lunch registration ends at 1pm on Monday, August 15 – all subsequent registrations will not include lunch.


We hope you can make it!

Thank you,

Rebecca Mayer

Deputy Director

Metro Denver Homeless Initiative

711 Park Avenue West, Suite 320

Denver, CO 80205

303.295.1772 ext. 102 *
Alicia Aguilar ( *
X  Angela M. – HS Office of Community Impact Nelson *
X  Brenda Payne *
 X *
X *
X *
Carla Slatt-Burns *
X *
X  Deborah Hopkins *
X *  x
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X *
X *
X  Gary Sanford  MDHI  building collaborations
X   GraceVISTA *
X  Heather Dolan * * * * *
Jesus A. – HSFAS Family and Adult Assista Villalobos *
X *
X *
X  Judy Lopez *MILE HIGH BEHAVIORAL HEALTH  – Corrections back   
X  Kippi Claussen:  outside of urban Denver  Office of Behavioral Health *
X *
Laura VOA *
X  Linda Barringer *  FAMILY TREE:  HOUSING PROGRAMS    work force    getting beyond the regulations get around rules  regional
X  Lindi Sinton *  VOA  VICE-PRESIDENT  
Mean Street *
X    Melanie Lewis Dickerson *
X  Melinda Townsend *
X   Missy Misch   Veterans * *
X  Rachel Strow  VOA
Rand Clark *
X    Rebecca  Mayer
rosalyn y. wheeler-bell *
X * * * *
X  susie street * *



Order Summary

August 16, 2016
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About this event


Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 8:30 AM – Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM (MDT)

date VOA Veteran Service Center
1247 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
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CAB Community Action Board Community Action Agency CAA – AUGUST 2016

August 16, 2016

CAB Community Action Board Community Action Agency CAA  –  AUGUST 2016  talking about Trauma CARE  – Dr. Cookson,  Director of Psychiatry  Stout Street Health Center  –  former physician  treating me  for  nearly 15 years @ Denver Health and through thick and thin  very thin  as it is and ever was.

Sarah Lightfoot
Administrative and Grants Associate
Stout Street Health Center
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Office: 303.312.9582
Tanger Jones <>,
Randle Loeb <>,
Lori Malone <>,
Vittoria D Whitsett <>,
Michael Barge <>,
LaRay Kraeplin <>,
“” <>


September meeting will be at Mary Lea Forington’s home in South Denver


People who are here:  Laray Kreaplin, Rocco  Smaldone, Gayle, Tanger Jones,  Vittoria Whittset,  

Sarah Lightfoot   –  staff  Elizabeth Cookson  Director of Psychiatry Stout Street Health Center,  Marylea Forington,

Erin Buckley with Enterprise:   financing for affordable housing  case studies annually  how are people benefitting from our investments  interviewing people  write 12 page paper impact of developments   –   Dr. Cookson 13.5 years  directs services throughout the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless  PA in Psychiatry  assessments  follow up   fair amount of other programs of integrated services,  family  support  – Lisa Thompson IMPACT BONDS HOUSING FIRST TEAMS


2015  – 2016  1,350  people  psychiatric intervention   many once many in consultation  long term treatment.

clients seen within the medical services  no only people who are in medical treatment  integrated health care.  benefit of integrated health care on blood pressure, what to do in real time, Behavioral health care. 


ONLY SEEING A PERSON ONCE  –  they may be seeing someone who goes to other places.  NEXT WEEK WE WILL HAVE A NEW STAFF MEMBER WHO WE TRACK A PERSON  WHO WE SEE OFTEN  more than 3 times.  


benefit but they offer motivational interviewing  choices     what do you want to have as a treatment modality  –  


People are treated wherever it is possible  we are open to different outcomes.


How successful are you in accomplishing this?  field is not very good in having credible metrics.    We have depression rating Scales  the DUK   general mental health care.  


Quarterly peer review analysis


Trying to blur those boundaries


Board certified  SHE IS THE BEST and fortunately I know.


How long does it take to determine if a person is compatible with your specific treatment   what is the time frame. PEOPLE will do alright with the person who they are assigned to 


it is easy to reassign people who receive services.


TRAUMA CARE:  often repeatedly traumatized medical system is trauma 

Environmental scan  Linda McCray  lines crowds AND PERSONNEL  safety officers  



TRAUMA SPECIFIC TREATMENT:  therapists and psychiatric staff trauma disorders medications there is not much that is effective



neurontin   diabetic neurotrophic  contraband in correctional field


trauma groups  seeking safety  – how people can use coping skills to feel safe


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  DBT  tell me about your trauma we do not do this it is ineffective as an intervention


cannot make use of their trauma care coming once weekly to a group


survival mode:  How does one become a member of the trauma care Safety GROUP


15  pages of paper run out the door 


how do we make primary care physicians to remain here


not having to wait at all.


tension between making appointments ahead of time and still waiting   –  


not medically safe to be cared for here and then you go into another system how do we see the most efficient way  treating them as being able





Colorado Access Care Coordination:  difficult connections need a hand to go from one place to another patient navigator  people who have access through medicare and medicaid


relationship  getting the care that they need.  I don’t like going to the Doctor.



critical that it is clear step by step  help going through and being discharged   advantage  


eye clinic follows this navigating people straight through  from beginning to end 

discreet outcomes that exist for eyes and teeth


electronic time keeping they work when and where they have to deal with their care.


Peer navigators  upstairs  


people realize that we have no competition   1 million dollars @ TO STAFF A SUITE


medicaid expansion  patients have access to much better care they can see specialists people will live longer and have better quality of life






sunday times  ARTICLE ON trauma care  August issue first 


special initiatives from Urban Peak  difficult to serve  young  do not want to have help  substance use 




issue with stats like this   intrinsic to human condition and not pathological  experiences of trauma and being traumatized  needs some specialized care to get better  early intervention is where the issue is.  trajectory is reversible  people were in bad straits are doing better.



Kate to do a presentation from Data central on Environmental Scan


Tuesday  September  20   at Mary Lea’s home  @  11:30  am  





303   312 9174  Dr. Cookson



ERIN  sharing stories   


all day tomorrow  lining up people with whom to speak.   11 am to 2 pm


anybody who has been impacted by STOUT STREET  HEALTH CARE  SYSTEM



name thrown in a hat by Petra  by a therapist here  she lives at Renaissance 88  mother of  2  case worker in Adams County


lost work  son baby  Augusta, Ga.  her daughter   –  disabled?  


wrote a letter of recommendation  for Thornton 88


head psychologist of counseling center at Quigg Newton  Family Service Center


back to the 90’s  fifth issue of the VOICE couch surfing  


individual conflicts –  what does a person do if they are homeless for a long time?


feedback  set responsibilities  what are we supposed to accomplish  goals set by the CAB  to make a difference.


other projects that we have worked on   Soup for the Soul  City Park  what?  Too bad  Steve Shankland isn’t here.


Erin just flew here   today Tuesday.  SON goes back to school August 24.  He is playing football.


playing for the Boys and Girls Club  this year.  11 recruited for music 


finished her book 5.5 years Scrambling Mind   coming out    




























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