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New York Highest Homeless Rate in America

June 23, 2018


on – on – on drowning in the under current Unprotected

June 22, 2018

UNProtected: Adam a dear support network gone as Clarence who was everything as was my father Frederick


on – on – on drowning in the under current

I have to work both Monday all day and Tuesday at Blair Caldwell Library  unfortunately everything is slipping away.  Adam has left the place I am and tonight all of the work that I had done the last several years was diminished and to boot almost every sanctuary and outlet I once had vanished.  I feel as a rudderless boat adrift in a roiling churning vortex without any way to escape”

Somehow I need to make a connection to see you sometime it has been a gut wrenching time.

Unquenching desire for a place of refuge a place to rest  a place of freedom from forlorn memories of loss of care and safety.



Hold me now forever more lost at sea in foaming troughs of frigid waters rushing swirling pressing against my heart  pins of numb self doubt



Protected: Adam a dear support network gone as Clarence who was everything as was my father Frederick

June 22, 2018

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ALL AT ONCE – Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii – ALL AT ONCE seismic activity is mushrooming as one after the other earthquake tremors startle the sleeping magma and lava pours in an endless river from the bowels of the earth

June 22, 2018
Sunday June 24, 2018


This is a June 21 post following many others since May on Kilauea.

HVO/USGS Volcanic Activity Notice 

Volcano: Mauna Loa (VNUM #332020)

Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL 
Previous Volcano Alert Level: ADVISORY

Current Aviation Color Code: GREEN 
Previous Aviation Color Code: YELLOW

Issued: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 1:46 PM HST
Source: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Notice Number: 
Location: N 19 deg 28 min W 155 deg 36 min
Elevation: 13681 ft (4170 m) 
Area: Hawaii 

Volcanic Activity Summary: HVO seismic and deformation monitoring networks have been recording near background levels of seismicity and ground motion at Mauna Loa Volcano for at least the last six months. These observations indicate that the volcano is no longer at an elevated level of activity. Accordingly, HVO is dropping the Mauna Loa alert level to NORMAL and the aviation color code to GREEN. 

HVO continues to monitor the volcano closely and will report any significant changes.

Stay informed about Mauna Loa by following volcano updates and tracking current monitoring data on the HVO web page ( or by signing up to receive updates by email at this site:

Recent Observations: 
[Volcanic cloud height] Unknown 
[Other volcanic cloud information] Unknown 

Remarks: From 2014 through much of 2017, HVO seismic stations recorded variable, but overall elevated rates of shallow, small-magnitude earthquakes beneath Mauna Loa’s summit, upper Southwest Rift Zone, and west flank. During that same time period, HVO measured ground deformation consistent with input of magma into the volcano’s shallow magma storage system.

These observations indicated that volcano was not at background levels of activity and the volcano alert level was raised to ADVISORY and the aviation color code to YELLOW in September 2015. It was noted at the time that the increase in alert level did not mean that an eruption was imminent or that progression to an eruption was certain. Indeed, this episode of unrest lasted several years without progressing to an eruption, similar to the period of unrest from 2004 to 2009. 

Since late 2017, rates of earthquake occurrence and of ground motion related to inflation of shallow magma reservoirs have slowed to near background levels. 

Seismicity has continued to be low during the current activity on Kīlauea volcano. Recent motions recorded by GPS instruments on Mauna Loa are due to the M6.9 Kīlauea south flank earthquake on May 4, 2018 and subsidence at the summit Kīlauea Volcano. None of the activity on Kīlauea volcano has had a detectable effect on Mauna Loa’s magmatic system.


Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano on Earth. Eruptions typically start at the summit and, within minutes to months of eruption onset, about half of the eruptions migrate into either the Northeast or Southwest Rift Zones. Since 1843, the volcano has erupted 33 times with intervals between eruptions ranging from months to decades. Mauna Loa last erupted 34 years ago, in 1984. 

Mauna Loa eruptions tend to produce voluminous, fast-moving lava flows that can impact communities on the east and west sides of the Island of Hawai`i. Since the mid-19th century, the city of Hilo in east Hawai’i has been threatened by seven Mauna Loa lava flows. Mauna Loa lava flows have reached the south and west coasts of the island eight times: 1859, 1868, 1887, 1926, 1919, and three times in 1950. 


Next Notice: With the downgrade to NORMAL/GREEN, HVO will suspend weekly updates on Mauna Loa. Instead, updates will be issued monthly. Should volcanic activity change significantly a new VAN will be issued. Regularly scheduled updates are posted at 

Hawaii volcano eruption: Scientists warn island will take A CENTURY to recover

HAWAII will take at least 100 years to fully recover from the devastation wreaked by the eruption of Kilauea, scientists have warned.

Kilauea: Aerial footage shows lava spewing off Fissure 8


Vast tracts of land have been swamped by a might river of red-hit lava that continues to stream from the volcano and down to the ocean where marine wildlife has also been wiped out.

More than 600 properties have been engulfed by the volcano’s fountains of fiery molten rock and forests, farmland and orchards have also been destroyed since the Big Island eruption began last month.

Patrick Hart, a biology professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, said: “Before the eruptions, that area was probably the best forest left in the state of Hawaii.

“There were areas where the native Ohia forest extended right up to the ocean and you just don’t see that in the rest of Hawaii.”

Hawaii volcano


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has decimated vast tracts of ancient forest

Before the eruptions, that area was probably the best forest left in the state of Hawaii

Patrick Hart

Prof Hart said fruit trees, flowers and ferns all withered and died in the noxious sulphur-dioxide-filled air before the lava flows covered around nine square miles of land under a 30ft deep volcanic blanket.

He said it could be at least a century before the decimated tracts of lava-covered forest begin to grow again, first with lichen and then native ferns and Ohia trees that have adapted to grow on lava. In 150 years the land could begin to resemble a forest like the one that used to be there.

Ryan Perroy, a volcanologist and associate professor at the university, said: “It’s a very powerful thing to witness but in geological terms, it’s also not an unexpected event. This is how Puna was built, with volcanic eruptions.”

Hawaii volcano: ‘Lava berg’ spotted drifting along lava river

Hawaii volcanoGETTY

Scientists warn it could take Hawaii’s wildlife 100 years to recover

The lava is flowing along a well-established channel and entering the sea at Kapaho.

Marine scientist Steven Colbert said: “Kapoho Bay was a very important recreational place for people in this area.

“There aren’t a lot of places here where you can access the shoreline and get in the water easily. And this was one of those areas. It was also a very important research spot for us scientists.”

Prof Colbert said tidal pools at Kapoho Bay were home to thriving coral and abundant fish – especially small ones that found safe haven from predators in the protected environment.


Hawaii volcano

Molten lava from Kilauea has swamped large areas of Big Island

When the lava entered the ocean there, much of the marine life was covered or boiled alive.

He said: “For the animals right there when the lava reaches the water, they don’t have a chance.

“It’s gone from beautiful Hawaiian water that is clear and turquoise, where you can see 50 to 60 feet down, to a muddy mess filled with volcanic glass particles.

“It blots out the sunlight so normal algae can’t grow, and filter feeders like coral have to sort between bits of food and volcanic particles.”

Ocean expert John Burns said: “There was no place like Kapoho in all of Hawaii. That entire habitat is gone now.

“In terms of marine organisms and coral, we’re basically starting from day one now.”

Hawaii volcano range

Aftermath of Creating Trauma for Immigrant Children – American Policy

June 21, 2018

The Aftermath of the US Policy of trauma deliberately destroying  families who are  escaping tyranny and asking for asylum in the US is akin to the national tragedy of abuse and neglect of all people who came here from the beginning seeking an open door to freedom and a better quality of life.

From the Gathering Place

“Children are not political pawns” says Leslie Foster, The Gathering Place in Response to Family Separation at Border

“Children are not political pawns” says Leslie Foster, The Gathering Place in Response to Family Separation at Border

“Our deep concern is that thousands of children are currently being subjected to practices that were determined to be inhumane decades ago,” says Leslie Foster, President of The Gathering Place, “That is not our community, that is not what we stand for.”

Although the policy has been rescinded by Executive Order, there is still no plan in place to reunite separated children with their parents. In addition, it appears that children are lost in the system, throughout the country. Currently the government appears to be seeking court permission to put children and families in unlicensed situations.

For Leslie Foster and the employees of The Gathering Place, the initial policy, and now the aftermath, has one clear effect: re-traumatizing thousands of children.

“Seeing children who are experiencing homelessness every day, we are well aware of the effects of trauma on their lives.” “These families are coming from deeply traumatic situations in Guatemala and Honduras, often escaping death, and participating in a journey that is itself traumatizing, and then being re-traumatized by being separated from their families.”

She continues, “Decades ago, child advocates and child welfare professionals determined that separating children from their parents had such devastating effects on families that it should only be done as the very last resort. This policy and practice is in place for almost every social service organization in the United States. In fact now, we move further, and take extra steps to ensure that children are not retraumatized. We promote visits and communication, we help families stay together, we ensure that there are maximum opportunities for stability, closeness, and affection. We’ve been practicing trauma-informed care at The Gathering Place for years now. It’s standard operating procedure for any of us doing work with children.”

The practice of separating families was not the policy for immigration detention before the adoption of the zero-tolerance policy implemented this past April. As the ACLU reports, ICE previously detained families as a unit in “family residential centers” while the family underwent civil processing. In addition, many of the families entering are doing so in hopes of claiming political asylum—which can only be done at a U.S. port of entry.

Even in the case of illegal entry into the United States, current policy states that the offense is a misdemeanor resulting in civil processing, not arrest, much the same way a police officer would address a jaywalker or red-light violation.

“The children who were separated, and are now housed around the country were essentially exploited as a deterrent and as bargaining tools. The fear the separated children must have now will affect them for the rest of their lives. We are doing permanent damage.”

The long-term effect of trauma on children was thoroughly explored in the 1995-1997 CDC-Kaiser ACE Study. The study, in short, concluded that early childhood trauma was linked to chronic health problems, low life potential including chronic homelessness, and risky health behaviors.

The groundbreaking study revolutionized social service treatment, affecting even the way our own prison system handles separating families. Now, the country that trail-blazed a standard of trauma-informed care is enacting a system that is at odds with its own knowledge.

“This is not what our country stands for, and these are not our values,” Foster said about the United States’ actions. She continues, “We are creating long-term consequences for people and human service systems by re-traumatizing them in the worst way possible.” It is a situation that data suggests creates both a public health and an economic crisis.

“At The Gathering Place, we have a commitment to building strong communities. We take seriously our obligation to care for each other, to respect each other, and to offer love and support, no matter who you are and where you come from. We have created, in the Denver area, a community that understands our common connections. Because we are such a strong community, and because anyone could be included in it, a violation against any person is a violation against all of us. Therefore, regardless of politics or party affiliation, we cannot condone what is happening on the US-Mexican border.”




American Cities That Will Soon Be Under Water MOST of the places that are deluged by flooding are in Florida (9) or New Jersey (9) South Carolina (7) and Texas (3)

June 21, 2018

By Thomas C. Frohlich


June 20, 2018



Dear Ms. Maddow,
I hope when you receive this message that you fully understand that most of who are average citizens felt that your response was both professional and appropriate on air about children being detained.
We’ve had enough of this piercing violence toward citizens of the earth and this land whose personal freedom and responsibilities are trampled daily by our government.
PLEASE accept my sincere apologies for the trauma that you and everyone else has had to endure by the shame and wanton dismissal of the values of our nation as a place of safety for everyone.   
your expression of connection and compassion was overwhelming for both my sister and me.  Both of us are journalists.  Terese Loeb Kreuzer operates the DowntownPostNYC in New York City. and I have a blog called 
 My sister cried all night after reading what you shared, and you were unwilling to do to impart the injustice.  
For me, as an activist and a public servant it meant far more.  Your response made me understand what we must do to take our country back and live out our lives as human beings.
Go well stay well always,

rump cruel to migrant kids to drive immigration political wedge

Rachel Maddow points out that mr. rump and his political allies are fomenting outrage over the cruel treatment of migrant children on purpose to boost their anti-immigrant credibility and bolster political support.Duration: 21:34

PA joins states withholding National Guard over Trump policy

PA joins states withholding National Guard over rump policy

06/19/18 09:55PM

Rachel Maddow adds Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to the growing, bipartisan list of governors rejecting mr. rump’s request for National Guard troops at the U.S. border over his policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents. watch

Parents struggle to find children ripped away by Trump policy

Parents struggle to find children ripped away by rump policy

06/19/18 09:47PM

Jonathan Blitzer, staff writer for The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about how migrant parents are left on their own, sometimes with the help of advocacy groups to find their kids after the rump administration took them away and put them in separate detention centers. watch

Local groups work where Trump fails to reunite kids with parents

Local groups work where rump fails to reunite kids with parents

06/19/18 09:38PM

Rachel Maddow points out the failure of the rump administration to put together a system for reuniting migrant families after rump immigration officials forcibly take the children from their parents, and notes that small local groups are trying to pick up and do the work where the rump administration falls short. watch