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Protected: being and presence in this terrible life

October 21, 2018

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to the end we must struggle surviving in a world of tumult pain and loss

October 20, 2018

To the end we must struggle by surviving in a world of tumult pain and loss.

I see now clearly where I saw darkly through a prism of kaleidoscopic glasses the losses as they mounted from first breath and what tumult was caused by my presence in this universe.  No one in my family ever understood the daily torture that went on inside in my consciousness. I was condemned for not being decent for not caring for being a loser a person of questionable character by nearly everyone.


with good reason I was abandoned by all of those who I loved I could not fault anyone for my part in their suffering and now I realize that my life is filled with empty epithets and judgments gossiping and carrying on ad nauseum


I plead the fifth that I was enacting a tragic comedy a drama that made anything in Shakespeare sound like a comic strip.  Never again, quoth the raven, “Never more.”  I will find a way out of this bleak house, this plight and never again tempt fate to deal with anyone.  I promise this with all my heart.


“Do not go gently into that good night  rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  




Johan Rockstrom Who Predicted a Grim ‘Hothouse Earth’ States that all of the World’s Billionaires Have to Forfeit Their Money Now to Save the World

October 20, 2018

Johan Rockstrom, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Stockholm, predicted a grim ‘Hothouse Earth,’ states that the world’s billionaires need to forfeit their money Now to save us all and the rest of the beings who dwell here

This week, one of authors of that bleak “hothouse” report has co-authored a new one that models how the world and its people may fare in the coming decades. In brief, ecologist Johan Rockström, who directs the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Stockholm, thinks there might be a way to cut global emissions while eliminating poverty and hunger and keeping the world cool enough to sustain future generations.

“This is actually quite uplifting,” Rockström recently told a crowd at the TED Conference New York Headquarters, before the report came out.

But the plan requires enormous shifts in the way we do everything, from how we distribute money to the ways we grow our food.

Here’s the five-part formula:

1. Cut global greenhouse-gas emissions in half every decade, starting in 2020

These emissions come from burning fossil fuels that power our cars, planes, buildings, and food supply; they’re the reason the atmosphere is trapping more of the sun’s heat than it used to. Rockström’s proposal to slash emissions rates in half every decade is a steeper target than the Paris climate deal called for – countries who signed that agreement vowed to cut emissions 40% by 2030 (or at least try to). President Donald Trump has promised to pull the US out of that deal; on Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that the US reduced its emissions by just 2.7% last year.

2. Increase food chain system efficiency, from soil to table, by 1% every year

A massive shift in the way we produce, harvest, and consume food would apply to every piece of land and sea across the world. As the authors write, “at least 1% extra resource use improvement per year is required in the whole food chain, from soil to table.” This would be crucial, since droughts and extreme weather threaten crops as diverse as coffeerice, wine grapes, and barley for beer.

3. Fundamentally shift the way we create new wealth and prosperity

“We’re quite clever at short-term lifting people out of poverty,” Rockström told Business Insider. But there’s a hidden cost in our current models of economic development: “the wealth that we’ve created in countries like the US, or my own home country Sweden, has occurred at the expense of the climate system,” he said.

As economies grow and people get richer, rising production and consumption mean that more coal, oil, and gas get burned. That activity emits more carbon dioxide.

“It occurs by eroding the resilience of the Earth system,” Rockström said. “That’s not only the climate system, that is losing biodiversity, it’s ruining the oceans, it’s deforestation, it’s risking the stability of the whole planet.”

Rockström proposes looking to some new development models that focus on community-level development and the use of local resources. These kinds of approaches are already in use in places like Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

4. Ensure the richest 10% of people on Earth don’t hold on to more than 40% of its wealth

Rockström’s plan also demands a dramatic reshuffling of the world’s cash. More taxes on top earners could pay for better infrastructure, while improvements in wages would be a welcome bump for middle class workers, many of whom haven’t seen their pay go up much sincethe 1970s. Some of that shared money would also get used for healthcare, while other funds could go to education and investments in more sustainable buildings and cities around the world.

Currently, the top 1% of people own nearly half of the world’s household wealth. According to Credit Suisse’s 2018 global wealth report, “the richest decile (top 10% of adults) owns 85% of global wealth, and the top percentile alone accounts for almost half of all household wealth (47%).” This is especially true in the US, which has more members of the 1% than any other country. Credit Suisse defines membership in the top 10% as having $93,170 or more in net assets, while the top 1% has $871,320.

5. Investing more in education, health, and family planning

In addition to improving people’s lives, this would help control population growth, as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation often points out. Letting more girls continue their education and receive wanted contraception would change the global demand for energy, food, travel, buildings, and all other resources on the planet.

It’s an aggressive solution, but it’s the only one the researchers think will kept the planet and its people healthy in the long run

The computer modeling system that these climate and welfare projections were based on is called Earth3. It’s a projection tool that factors in social and economic data from the past 40 years and couples that information with what we know about how the planet’s atmosphere, oceans, and land will likely react to greenhouse gas emissions.

This ambitious five-step global transformation wasn’t the first plan Rockström and his team of scientists tried out in Earth3.

Initially, they charted three other scenarios. First, they analyzed what would happen to the Earth’s climate and its people if we change nothing about the way we do business. Second, they calculated what would happen if we accelerate economic growth. And third, they looked at how the world would fare if that economic growth were coupled with efforts to fund more education, clean water, food, and jobs.

But none of those more traditional trajectories worked out in the long run – they all made the Earth too hot. So Rockström and his colleagues landed on this model, which is more ambitious and far less tested.

They also discovered that the costs of this plan to society would be relatively small: by 2050, according to their estimate, GDP would be just one year behind where it would be if we continue on a business-as-usual path. And we’d probably make up for that loss in the long-term, they said, since we’d keep the planet from becoming a “hothouse.”

As the authors of the report argued, “most rational analysts” would agree that in the long run “the Earth’s life-supporting systems are worth it.”

28 cities that never recovered from the recession How Many Millions of People in America Never Recovered from 9/11 and the Great Recession?

October 18, 2018

28 cities that never recovered from the recession How Many Millions of People in America Never Recovered from 9/11 and the Great Recession?

Stalwart people have eked out an existence  albeit sacrificing their health and well being in a world that is an ever increasing cauldron of pain and loss of life.


Most of the places where life is squalid include Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, while still million and billionaires abound.  Flint, Detroit,  the list is unbelievable  and yet we look to billionaires to manage our affairs.  What is going on in a nation that does not watch out for youth and elders, for families and all of its marginalized citizens?  Our behavior is shameful and our voting records in protecting the most vulnerable among us is a sham.


Ballots Where You Need No Stamps to Vote – VOTE Please

October 15, 2018

You can drop off your ballot in a service center like the one at which I am going to be working from October 22 through Election Day, Tuesday November 6. We have drop off boxes at all of the service centers AND you do not need a stamp to put the ballot in the boxes that are secured and watched 24/7. They are throughout Denver and many other places have easy ways to vote. If you give the ballot to me at the service center it goes right in a secure box outside at the library. Please vote!


 the service centers across the metro area all have reciprocal drop offs and mail the ballots once filled out to Election Central in each county. The process makes it possible for those who are working to secure their ballot as easily as possible.

No stamps are necessary when using the polling sites across the nation. You have to make certain that you sign and date your ballots. Make sure that they are in the envelope before they are dropped off.



Business Supporting Local Economic Justice

October 15, 2018


Thank you to the Hutchinson family and business for being so kind and welcoming 🙂

GROUP: Nas Daily Global

Noam Chomsky has stated that this is the only way we can thwart the damage being done globally and in D.C. with governments . I posted a business in Canada that has maple syrup and shipped to the Near East. The economic targeting of countries cut off their customers abroad. People flocked to their business locally and they sold out their products. This is what makes us who we are neighbor to neighbor block by block we have no other way to thrive with dignity and grace.


“I moved to Canada over 10 years ago and the moment I landed at the airport I felt like I finally got home. This country has embraced, loved and respected me and it instantly became my home. As someone that lived in Saudi Arabia, and seen people who grew up there, worked to build that country from scratch for 30, 40 and 50 years only to be kicked out and treated like sub humans the moment they leave their jobs. No appreciation, gratitude or dignity given. I can tell you the comparison between these two countries are not even on the same spectrum, in every single aspect. No country is perfect, and Canada definitely has it flaws, but it sure feels closer to perfection than any country I have lived in or visited. Proud to be Canadian .”

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a rare precious finite gift for which there is no end nor absence nor in my spirit nor in my thoughts than whether you are safe and sound as is everything that you touch

October 14, 2018

You’re a rare precious finite gift for which there is no end nor absence nor in my spirit nor in my thoughts than whether you are safe and sound as is everything that you touch

MY DAUGHTER WITH WHOM FOREVER I WISHED TO SHARE HER LIFE Her birth was a wellspring a manantial of hope a beatitude of grace
you  know I always consider what you’re doing  seeing you listening being a part from you is one of the hardest tests of my life
you’re a treasure to me always have been and always will be
I cannot imagine how hard it is to not be able to share the joys and sorrows that you deal with and the responsibilities
when you were injured in the car accident I was contemplating as I saw you in ICU that I wished that I was lying there in your place
When you lost I lost when you were in trouble it affected me
I always recall moments that we shared and feel that the gifts that you bestowed on me including your birth was the richest and most dear most finite blessing of my life
I cannot sleep remembering what it meant to have you in my life being able to talk to you and share with you everyday mundane experiences
I wish that you were safe and sound and Happy  as much as you wish to have fulfillment in your endeavors and those of your family I feel great relief knowing that you’re all safe and cared for in the ultimate value of the highest quality of life  
Verily I pray that you’re always blessed unto the end of your finite life and that your passing is one of peace and surrender to the whole of what you have done. I wish this with all my heart for you all
with my undying embrace always with loving arms holding you
Go well stay well always
Hands Holding the Heart  –  Compassion
“the hands holding the heart”  Shrrh  the Chinese symbol of yes,  being full of compassion and sharing the sense of being here together
Hands Holding the Heart  –  Compassion


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